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Right Sidebar Has Moved Under 7th Post - Help!

  1. amandawoodhead

    Today I checked my blog and noticed the right sidebar (which includes widgets like my about me section, a tag cloud, etc) has moved from the right side to under my 7th post, then the posts continue after it. It also appears like this (incorrectly) on the most recent post's page (, but appears correctly on all other posts' pages, like here:
    I haven't touched anything having to do with layout, and I'm using the Vigilance theme. This is consistent across Firefox, Safari and Chrome.
    Can someone please help? Or is it a bug?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. For copying and pasting text from elsewhere without using either icon 5 or icon 6 in Row 2 of the visual editor, please see here and here

    Typically this is caused by an open HTML tag in one of your posts.

    Go to Settings > Writing and select “ ___ WordPress should correct invalidly nested XHTML automatically” and then scroll down and click “Save Changes.”

    Posts > All Posts, change all your latest posts to Draft, click Update, change them back to Published, click Update again. (You can edit all of them at once: tick the square in front of their titles then select Edit from the Bulk Actions dropdown and click Apply.)

    If that doesn't work see: and

  3. amandawoodhead

    Oh my gosh, that fixed it! You were right, it was an open tag. How bizarre, and thank you so much!

  4. You're welcome.

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