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Right sidebar in Oxygen

  1. Is there a way to get rid of the right sidebar (search, blogroll, meta) in my posts using the Oxygen theme? I would like my post content to expand into that area instead. How can I make that happen? Is it a CSS thing for which I need to purchase the $30 customization ability?


    The blog I need help with is

  2. Yes, this can be done only if you have the Custom Design upgrade.
    A couple of things to consider:
    a) Categories/Archives left, and Search/Blogroll/Meta right, are the default sidebar items of the theme when you haven't added any widgets yourself. You can make your sidebars more useful to you and your visitors by replacing these items with the widgets you really want/need/like.
    b) If you buy the upgrade, removing the sidebar and widening the main column is possible, but widening the featured images isn't possible.

  3. Thanks, justpi! Now how do I remove the sidebar and widen the main column? Any why isn't it possible to widen the featured images?

  4. You're welcome.
    a) More precisely, you can't widen the featured images without losing quality. Their width isn't determined by the CSS of the theme, it's determined by its PHP (which we cannot access). So if you use CSS editing to widen them, you won't get reaal larger versions, you'll get the default versions blown up, i.e. poor quality.
    b) CSS questions should be posted in the CSS forum, not the Themes forum. But your question has been asked by other users too, so please search the forum first:

  5. Thanks again! This was really helpful :)

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