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Right Sidebar Moved to Bottom of Middle Column

  1. A couple of days ago my Garland theme started showing my right side widgets below the middle column of posts. Here's the url:

    My other Garland theme blogs have not yet shown the problem; but in trying several different two and three-column themes, the same issue arise; i.e., the supposed right side widgets are placed at the bottom of the middle column after the oldest posts.

    I have read through the forum and noted this same issue raised by others two or three times; but could find no resolution.

  2. It's a very common issue. If you search for "sidebar dropped" or related terms you'll see it happens a lot.

    General causes:

    pasting from Word or elsewhere on the web
    a Read More tag splits an existing Div tag
    images too wide

    Set your blog to display only one post (ie don't just click back one at a time on your posts, change this under Settings) and while most will look okay, you will find one where the sidebar is dropped. You'll need to go in and fix the code in that one; in the Visual editor, use the Clean Up Code brush icon on the Advanced Toolbar, and in the Code Editor, lick Close Tags. That should do it.

  3. superoldgranny

    thanks raincoaster it really worked for me!!! Although i didn't manage to find the Advanced Toolbar or the "Clean Up Code" brush icon, but i managed to find the faulty post using your method and the Close Tags button. Thanks once again!!!! \(^_^)/

  4. Many Thanks for this fix!! Worked for me. I, too, found no "Clean Up Code Brush"; but I did find "Close Tags", which did the trick.

    I'll use the "Close Tags" button whenever I use material from this source.

  5. The advanced toolbar is the regular toolbar...but on the far right is an icon with a lot of different coloured dots. Click on that. You'll get a lot more tools to play with. The Clean Up Code brush is in there.

    Glad to hear it works.

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