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Right slider bar missing after closing Gallery Carousel

  1. After closing Gallery Carousel - I don't see the right scroll bar and cannot navigate up/down the blog. I checked with different browsers.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. bertholdbouman

    I have the same and also posted it:

    Tried with several browsers and OS but still the same issue.

  3. bertholdbouman

    But it seems no-one is interested ...

    The mouse wheel function doesn't work either after that, do you have that as well?

    This is a software problem so some help from WordPress would be greatly appreciated! There is nothing we can do.

  4. This thread is tagged for Staff. Please subscribe to it so your are notified when they respond.

  5. bertholdbouman

    Yes subscribed, thank you.

  6. Note that it's the weekend and be patient while waiting.

  7. The same problem for me also, so I have also subscribe to it.

  8. FWIW, I did not encounter this behavior on my test blog using the Minimalizine, Widely or Publish themes, but did so when I switched to Triton Lite, Modularity Lite and Chateau themes, so it does appear to be theme dependent.

    Also, it seems that there's been an "upgrade" to the "Live Preview" function.

  9. Thank you, justjennifer! Yes, seems like only some themes are effected, including Triton Lite.

  10. bertholdbouman

    So how can one see a post is tagged for Staff, good question while we are patiently waiting, right? Is that visible for the one who posted it?

  11. I am having the same problem.. umm

  12. bertholdbouman

    So timethief, do you mean the modlook tag? Doesn't tell whether Staff is actually looking into it does it? It's a request from the poster. Can you please enlighten me?

  13. "Triton Lite designers" said this is a WordPress issue, so I guess we have to wait for a response from WordPress. It will come.

  14. bertholdbouman

    That is what I also said, just trying to figure out the thing with 'tagged for Staff'. I'll keep my big mouth shut if that is what you want. No problem.

  15. same problem here.

  16. count me in.

  17. @lennygonzalez
    You failed to provide a blog URL.

  18. Same problem, but mine is ok when i am on the main page, its just after i click into the gallery on pages, then once i have come back to the main menu the slider disappears and then i am stuck in the middle of the page and the only way to get back is to reset the whole page. This is not good people can not view my site correctly. If this continues much longer i will use another platform to showcase my work.

  19. For all those reading and not aware, these forums are mostly peer-to-peer support and both timethief and I are experienced forum volunteers. However, when there is a problem such as this that we cannot assist with, we tag the thread for Staff assistance.

    Since this was posted over the weekend, when there is less Staff involvement on the forums, please be patient. There is also quite a backlog for them to deal with.

    In case you did not see my reply above, the scrollbar/scrolling problem appears to be theme dependent and switching themes may solve the problem if you don't want to wait.

  20. I also have this problem on my blog..hope staff assistance will find solution

  21. And the blog which I have trouble with is

  22. Hi WordPress! Remember us?!

  23. bertholdbouman

    FYI: Misty Look, Chunk and Quitus themes are also affected.

  24. I have same problem. Guess its in only in Triton lite theme.

  25. @justjennifer I know you guys do a lot to help out and probably don't get enough thanks for it all. so thanks :)

    If this is theme dependent, there sure are a lot of themes being affected.

  26. clockworkrabbit

    Same problem here.

  27. @knixieblack-you're welcome, and yes, it does seem to be quite a number of themes affected, but not all of them.

  28. This has been resolved as of this afternoon.

    Thanks for your patience and sorry for the inconvenience.


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