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  1. I was trying to travel to wordpress from blogger but there was a little problem:
    As you may know persian,arabic and some other languages are written right to left, but i can't set "direction: rtl;" so that whole blog written in correct direction, in blogger you can edit template and I added that in CSS.
    I changed language settings in options->general to fa - فارسی but nothing changed.

  2. so you were "travelling" the weblogs. whoa!

    but i saw that your farsi/persian words are from right to left on your weblog, looks good though i don't understand the language

  3. Could you help us out with what CSS needs to be added for this to work?

  4. yes indeed, should I install wordpress on my localmachine and send patch? how can I help?

  5. Matt, see if this helps.

  6. Matt, can I contact you about this issue?
    my email is ssh.rdp at gmail dot com

  7. Send the info via the contact form.

  8. I have this problem,too. let me explain it better! see. we wanna set all of our blog text direction on right-to-left. all of it. and it is possible through the css style sheet. but doesn't permit us to change or edit our css style! and we have to change our directions in our post! you know its a little bit hard ! so we request you allow users to acces the style sheet. would you help us plz?

  9. Senobar, please read the thread above your post. (ie send in the request via the feedback system)

  10. so has anyone asked for that?

  11. Haven't heard anything else on the subject so I kind of doubt it.

  12. Dear Matt
    Your WP has been translated into persian and css is also avalible but the major problem is about RTL themes! can you add some RTL theme?
    i translated some theme into persian and RTL.i translared Fauna beta5(i dont know why fauna in is beta1 ?! ) and it's approved.
    i can provide you more RTL theme if you want support RTL blogging actualy

  13. We're working on infrastructure for providing RTL support for the admin and all themes. Some of the guys on the wp-persian team are helping.

    Something all of you can do to help is provide an rtl.css for your favorite theme. Here's a link to the Ambiru CSS, for example:

    Take that and create an rtl.css that provides the CSS necessary to make Ambiru display RTL. When we load stylesheets, we'll load ambiru/rtl.css after ambiru/style.css. How's that sound?

    You can send stylesheets and suggestions to ryan at wordpress dot com.

  14. Ryan, I have to ask. After we figure out a method, could we pass that along to Donncha for WPMU? I've got a couple of folks using rtl on my install. (They're doing it though already which I find interesting.)


  15. drmike, this should end up in core WP and WPMU. I'm actually making the architectural changes in WP trunk right now. From there it can merge to WPMU and WPCOM.

  16. Thanks. :)


  17. sounds good,i'll provide you rtl.css for fauna :)
    but themes need to translate words like comment and so on... into persian not only RTL support

  18. hadi, we're working on that too. We're adding gettext to all themes and asking people to help us translate.

  19. i have gettext translated of fauna,how can i send it to you?

  20. i sent an email to you ryan,with gettext and rtl css of fauna,do you see it?

  21. it seems WP have trouble with link direction.
    when you add direction=rtl in css everything seems fine except english links with ().
    ex:in my test blog category.
    (sidenotes 3(
    but persian:
    (0) روزانه
    take a look here: in categories.
    example solution:
    i solved this bug with adding dir="rtl" to tag in /wp-includes/template-functions-category.php line 57:

    $thelist .= '<a dir="rtl" href="' . get_category_link($category->cat_ID)

    general solution:
    its not only in category links but with adding dir="rtl" in links we can make it correct in EN and FA.

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