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rights to things uploaded no the blog

  1. hello, does wordpress own the rights to my pictures and other stuff I upload to my blog?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. yeah
    and they can suspend your account any time
    if you dont follow thier policy


    it you use a self hosted blog then all things are under you

  3. @liseuni
    Along with blogging comes responsibility and ignorance of the law is no excuse so it's good that you have asked and iyou do deserve a full answer. Copyrightable works include but are not limited to literary works such as articles, blog posts, stories, journals, or computer programs, pictures and graphics, as well as audio and video recordings. Copyrights do not need not be applied for as they are vested in the creators of intellectual property. When we create something — we own the copyright, which is our exclusive right as the creator to control who else can use our work and in what manner.

    Please read the Terms of Service so you are aware of your responsibilites.
    For more information on copyright this may be helpful >

  4. @shlokinani
    I am respectfully requesting that you focus on your blogging rather than posting inscomplete answer to questions posted into forum thread. Here at we do not lack experienced Volunteers who can provide high quality answers. Unltil you can do that IMHO it's in everyone's best interest that you lurk rather than posting incomplete answers. Thanks, in advance, for listening.

  5. @liseuni

    You retain the rights to your own work on your blog, WordPress.COM does not own what you put on your blog. You do give WordPress.COM the rights to display your work. I read all the TOS stuff before moving here and it left my head spinning for a few days - but the bottom line - putting your own work on your blog does not mean that WordPress.COM owns your work. You can also take your work off your WordPress.COM blog anytime you want.

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