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Robots.txt set to disallow on all blogs without me changing it! Help!!

  1. Ok this suddenly happened on my first blog:

    So I tried registering a new one, without changing settings, its set to allow the search engine bots..and it still happened.

    New blog is

    The robots.txt on both reads:

    User-agent: *
    Disallow: /

    I desperately need this fixed by tomorrow. My site was in the top 10 for the keyword "Dustin Hamilton", now its completely gone, and Google Webmaster Tools says:

    We can't currently access your home page because of a robots.txt restriction.

  2. Hm I fixed the robots.txt file by setting it to disallow, then setting it to allow twice in a row somehow.

  3. Hi, this is happening for my new blog.

    Its doing the same thing, and the setting to disallow, then allowing twice isn't working :(

  4. It can take a few days before new blogs are allowed to be indexed by search engines. You can thank the spammers and SEO shysters for that. Please be patient, post away, and you'll be indexed soon.

  5. It can take a few days before new blogs are allowed to be indexed by search engines.

    * could you define what are the 'new' blogs, please?

    e.g. I got my account created back in 2005; what if I create just another blog to post something very important and extremely urgent there, would such blog be qualified as a new one and therefore prevented from getting indexed?

    * how exactly few is a few?

    mean how exactly long the new blogs are forbiden from crawling by the search engines? -- sometimes, even a day could be too late.

    * what is the URL in the FAQ or News blog where I could possibly missed all the answers to these (not exactly rarely asked here but still) very important robots.txt related questions?

    * [optional, but interesting] in what particular way such a lag makes for fighting with a spam?


  6. Sorry but we won't provide details of anti-spam measures because we change them frequently, and because the bad guys read this forum.

    Google typically takes weeks to index a new blog and start showing it in search results, so your "urgent" scenario doesn't seem to make much sense.

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