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Robot.txt. file

  1. Hi ! The description of my blog doesn't appear in google because of my robot.txt. file (that is what is written under the name of my site when i tape it on google), even if i allow search engine to find my site in the privacy settings. Can someone help me? Thank you!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I see your site's robots.txt as allowing search engines to crawl it. Have you recently changed your Privacy settings?

    If that is the case, please confirm and I will be happy to mark this for Staff assistance.

    (For background: There was one other instance not long ago where Staff had to change some settings on's side manually.)

  3. i've changed it almost two weeks ago, that's why i don't understand why the description won't appear under the name of my site .

  4. It does take time for search engines to catch up to the change, but I'll still tag this for staff to make sure everything it OK on's end.

  5. Thank you :)

  6. You're welcome.

    But I've just looked at Google's search returns for your site and I'm seeing them. (screenshot)

    Have you cleared your browser's cache and cookies and looked again?

  7. Yeah I think that was the problem. It seems to be ok now. Thank you very much for your help! :)

  8. You're welcome again. :)

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