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Rogue Link showing in "Visitors Clicked"

  1. Yesterday and today, a 'rogue' link showed up in the stats section "Visitors clicked these links"... (однолюбовники/)
    I didn't recognise it, so clicked it and found a site I've never visited before and wouldn't want my site linked with. (It might be someone's cup of tea, but it's mine and it's not in keeping with my blog and its visitors.... (older ducks like me and some young families with children).
    I checked my Comments list to see if it was coming from there... couldn't find it and I used my Search This Blog , but it found no record of it on my blog.
    PLEASE help... I have visitors of all ages and don't want this site connected to mine.
    How do I get rid of a so-called LInk, that I can't find? What do I do?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. What is the url for your blog?

  3. It is most likely a link in the "Probably Related Posts" that appear automatically under each post unless you turn them off:

    Appearance > Extras

  4. Thanks husdal... will try turning that off, hope it solves the problem. I really appreciate your help : )

  5. Hi ileaneb, have tried husdal's suggestion, will monitor to see if the link reappears in the stats... then repost or change status as appropriate. Thanks for taking the time to help : )

  6. It could also be from the "Random Blog" function on the admin bar.

  7. Just remember if you turn off the Probably Related Posts, your posts won't appear in Probably Related Posts on other blogs. And like raincoaster said if it is coming from the random blog function, there is nothing you can do about it.

    I think it is easy to check, just click on each of your posts and see what shows up in the "related" list.

  8. Thank you so much everyone, at least I'm understanding more now... I did try turning off the Probably Related Posts and the link hasn't reoccurred in the Stats, so it's possible it did originate from there. However I'd not realised the Random Blog function is tracked by the stats too.
    I feel better because I understand it now and I'll follow ileaneb's advice too, to check each post's Related list. Thank you so much everyone for your help and for sharing your knowledge!

  9. Help! I have the same problem. "Your visitors clicked these links on your blog:"
    How could these be related to my quilting blog?!? How could they be wordpress blogs? My site is upgraded, I pay the fee. I hope I don't have ads.
    My blog is

  10. bkkquiltgroup
    As you have paid for the upgrade to have an advertising free blog, I'd like to suggest that you communicate directly with Staff about this .

  11. Dear timethief, thanks for your reply. Oops I checked and I have an extra space upgrade and a video upgrade. I now realize I need the no-ads upgrade too. Well, I am still wondering, are those really ads on my blog? I visited my blog without logging in and I don't see them. They are sites that sell viagra. I would hate them to be on my blog. Do you think they are legitimate ads? Or something else. Just wondering because there is something called invisible spam links occurring on but can I get infected with this on I really don't want links to sites that sell viagra. If I have to pay for no-ads I will. Thanks!

  12. bkkquiltgroup,
    If you don't have the no-ads upgrade, then you do have ads. It's Google Ads. To see them, clear your browser cookies, go to Google, search for a phrase from your blog, click a result that takes you to a(ny) post. Dang! Works best in Internet Explorer.

    P.S. If not Viagra, it's often Scientology.

  13. Thank you husdal. I got nervous clicking through from my blog to two Viagra sites. But you're right, I followed your instructions and saw other ads that were quilt related. It is just ads. Learn something new every day! I did not see those Viagra sites. Gosh they're awful. When I went to those sites from my stats you never saw me move so fast to close those tabs - I thought I was going to get a virus for sure!
    Thanks again for the info.

  14. The idea is that only "new" readers coming to your blog via a search engine will see the ads. Your regular readers or returning viewers will not see the ads. That said though, some potential regular readers may be turned away by the ads they find on their first visit. If I had a "serious" blog like yours I would not hesitate to buy the no-ads upgrade. Although the the ads may be topically related they don't look nice and tend to ruin an otherwise nice blog design/layout that you may have worked very hard to achieve.

  15. thanks for the info on how to check for the ads, husdal. because I'd never seen them myself, it was a case of out of sight, out of mind. The subject matter of the ads was not inappropriate or obnoxious--some were travel related due to the subject matter of my blog. But I'm a bit of a control freak about what's on my blog, so I just purchased the no-ads upgrade. The cost is very reasonable considering everything we get for free from WordPress.

  16. Your visitors clicked these links on your blog.Yesterday: 9 8 8 7
    A google search for '' turns up blogs that have these sites listed in their top clicks sidebar widget. I wonder what's going on.
    Now I paid for the no-ads. So today it was only 3
    And will prob be -0- tomorrow. But it's just so strange, I wonder...I don't want to say anything bad against wordpress.

  17. What is it you're not-saying? That accepts ads from Google and some of them are really cheesy? Yes, they are. Google's the one that parses your content and decides that what it REALLY needs is a Viagra ad or a KKK holiday retreat or whatever. And yeah, I've seen stuff like that on blogs.

  18. No, I'm saying.. who clicked these links. Could it be a bot? Yes I had some ads put on my blog by wordpress for related items like fabric. No one clicked those. But the clicks started adding up for these weird sites.

  19. Bots are not counted by stats. Dumb people click links like that ALL THE TIME. That's why they exist; they make lots of money. Statistically, 50% of people are dumber than average. Expect that some blog readers are just not very bright.

  20. Oh.

  21. I have click-throughs yesterday especially but still a very small number today to the exact same site you listed, bkkquiltgroup. I tried finding my blog in google, and clicking through, but I'm not seeing any ads. I have already look at the 'possibly related' content, and I'm pretty sure it's not that.

  22. you didn't clear your browser cache and cookies before you checked google. Log out and do that, then check.

  23. This is fixed now.

    Please contact support staff directly if it happens again:

  24. It's not fixed.

    xanax-p.tld 4
    http://xanax-p.tld 1

    I changed the tld so it will not link.

    My biggest guess is that there is a big problem with the click widget (maybe some kind of sql injection).

  25. Ok, some more info. The holder of the domains that are spammed here are handled by:

    Gregory Manriquez
    6303 Raleigh St.
    Lubbuck, TX 79414

    Domain name: NDPARKING.COM

    Administrative Contact:
    Manriquez, Gregory
    6303 Raleigh St.
    Lubbuck, TX 79414
    Technical Contact:
    Manriquez, Gregory
    6303 Raleigh St.
    Lubbuck, TX 79414

    Registration Service Provider:
    This company may be contacted for domain login/passwords,
    DNS/Nameserver changes, and general domain support questions.

    Registrar of Record:
    Record last updated on 13-Nov-2009.
    Record expires on 26-Apr-2014.
    Record created on 26-Apr-2005.

    Domain servers in listed order:

    Domain status: ok

    Maybe it's a good idea if you contact these people and tell them to stop this.

  26. @hanswolters the xanax-p.tld and domains have been reported and should be gone soon. We appreciate your help reporting these. Let us know at if you find any more!

  27. @designsimply

    Currently I do not see any of the spam links left. Will keep an eye on it.



  28. @husdal- you don't have to come in from a search engine anymore to see ads. While I was logged out (cache and cookies dumped), I checked out a post in the "Freshly Pressed" blogs from the landing page and lo and behold there were ads.


  29. My clicks plugin showed a clickthru to a tinyurl that laid over a narrativepatterns dot com url.

    Showed up as tinyurl dot com slash dnyuhpsjfv, and linked at first to a "narrativepatterns" url as described in @hanswolters's blog:

    and now links to a "z4u2" url that will probably try to sell me insurance:

  30. Please don't post examples on the forum. contact staff directly.

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