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Rogue Widgets

  1. I've looked over a bunch of queries about removing widgets, but didn't get the answer I need. In my current theme for the blog I've currently linked to (modified Sandbox) I have two sidebar options, and I've only placed widgets in the first sidebar since the 2nd one won't show up anyway. Everything below the "rainforest site" image link doesn't appear in my widget editor (links, search, etc). I'd like to rearrange these to appear in a different order, but they're not there even in accessibility mode. Help?!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I'm afraid I don't see "rainforest site" image in

  3. Oh, sorry, I was sure I linked to from the dropdown menu when I typed the question. That's the one I was referring to in any case.

  4. Weird, I'm not sure why that would be happening: usually when you make ANY change to the sidebar, the default widgets vanish. Try putting a widget into the second sidebar and taking it out again and seeing what happens?

  5. As you say, VERY weird. I tried putting in a bunch of different widgets then viewing the page then taking them out again, and it didn't work. Finally I put a blank text widget and that seems to fix it. It's a plaster solution for now, maybe it'll clear up when I make further changes to the theme.

  6. I'm wondering if there's an unclosed tag or something in your rainforest site image? Double-check the code and make CERTAIN you have gone to Settings and chosen "Wordpress should automatically correct invalidly nested XHTML". You seem to be doing a lot of pasting into the Post box, and this will prevent problems in the future.

  7. You're using Sandbox 1.6.1. Sidebar 2 does work, only it's below Sidebar 1. So the sidebar items you were seeing below the rainforest image widget were the default ones for Sidebar 2. As raincoaster said, default sidebar items vanish when you add any widget yourself. Your "plaster solution" is the standard solution.

  8. That's what I thought. Thanks for confirming.

  9. Raincoaster: I wasn't sure what "Wordpress should automatically correct invalidly nested XHTML" was for (still don't quite undertand) but I'll check that box to avoid trouble. I'll look up "nested XHTML" to understand what it is I'm doing!
    Mind telling me what you mean when you say "You seem to be doing a lot of pasting into the Post box"? I've been blogging for years and picked up tips here and there, but am still a techno-dweeb—all the more so now that I've changed platforms and face a whole new learning curve!

    Panaghiotisadam: thanks for clearing that up. There's a lot of things I want to be doing theme-wise with that particular blog which is why I picked Sandbox 1.6.1. but since I've yet to fully figure out CSS, I'll have to rely on other people's interpretations for now... if you know of anyone (or blog) that can give me user-friendly (i.e. for techno-dweebs like me) tips & tricks, so I can diy it I'm all ears! :-)

  10. @callmesmiler:

    a) Nesting refers to the fact that most html needs opening and corresonding closing tags. So yes, keep that option checked: it takes care of any unclosed html tags that can mess your blog up. (Raincoaster had rightly wondered why WP doesn't hasn't set the default for that option to on instead of off.)

    b) Our CSS master is devblog; he's amazing and very eager to help. Check the CSS section of this forum for specimens of his replies. You can post your CSS questions there.

  11. Awesome. Thanks for the tips. Much appreciated! :-)

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