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    Hello all,

    i’ve been trying to solve this for a while without results, maybe it will seem quite naive… but i didn’t find an answer in the blog and neither in the WordPress Support (that refers to wordpress.ORG) so i imagine it’s quite different.
    I’m quite inexpert … could someone help me please? :)

    – I want to create different levels of access and capabilities
    – I go to users>invete and add a new user (to make a test i invited myself through a different email address)

    – How can I set what he/she is allowed to change?
    – How can this people access the blog in order to add a page, for example? (I should give him a user psw, i guess, but different from mine because i’m the Administrator. How can i set these user-psw?)

    If you look at my website, every Workshop should be able to add contents in its page (links, files etc) BUT not the others’ ones.

    Thank you very much!


    The blog I need help with is



    Please see these entries as they are what’s possible on a blog:
    user roles
    adding users

    If these functions do not meet your needs then you will have to hire a web host and set up a WordPress.ORG install. vs The Differences



    The amount a different role can control/edit etc. is listed here

    You need to invite people to create their own accounts and then add them as users to your blog. Authors can only upload and edit their own posts which are different to pages.

    Hmm I’m strugglign to describe it but I think that’s because I’m second guessing what you want.


    Thanks! :)


    SORRY i’m really struggling with this!!!

    I sent the invitation to another address supposing that this second address is not registered in
    Once he opens the invitation he needs to Sign in BUT:

    – Is he obliged to create a blog? (it seems so although the Support says a different thing, if not he can’t continue!)
    – how can this person access to my blog as an author, for example?
    let’s say that my user= 111 and psw=222. I can’t give him these user/psw because they are the Administrator’s ones! But this people, when registering, he inserted his own user=333 and psw=444 that correspond to HIS BLOG. So, when he logs in, he is always redirected to his blog and cannot access mine as author.
    How can he do?
    many thanks…



    – Is he obliged to create a blog?

    Not at all. There is an option marked “Just a username please”. If they don’t see it, they can sign up at

    – how can this person access to my blog as an author, for example?

    You have to add this person like this:

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