Rolling twitter feed on theme Twenty Ten

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    On the Twitter Timeline widget I can select for a certain number of posts to be displayed, but is there is way to get a rolling feed where people can scroll down to see previous posts? Am I missing something or is that capability not available for this widget.


    The blog I need help with is



    The only configuration options are found here If what you want is not found there then it does not exist.


    I just don’t know if I’m missing how to make it a feed. I’ve been to the Twitter site and wordpress, and it seems as if there should be a feed option, but maybe I just can’t find how to activate it or don’t know what to click on.



    To be honest I was an early adopter of Twitter. I do all Twitter searching on Twitter. I do not clutter my blogs’ sidebars by installing such a widget. I never ever use this widget in other blog sidebars and I don’t follow any blogs that have it installed. That’s why I cannot help you beyond what the support docs provide. You will have to wait for another Volunteer to assist.

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