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Rollover images?

  1. Hopefully, this has not been answered anywhere else, I tried lookin for it, but couldn't find it anywhere.

    1. Is it possible to have rollover images in my posts? I.e one picture showing, but when pointing at it with the mouse another image showing? If so - what is the code for this?

    2. (while I'm at it)I have recently switched my theme to K2 lite which I really like, but when it comes to my pics (which I have on Flickr and link to) I can't seem to get rid of the border nest to the picture? I tried to enter Border="0" in the code, but it does not dissappear. This is not so much a problem in my posts, they are ok there, but on my page with banners and links I would like all the banners to lie next to eachother, but now they are all separated individually with borders around them? When editing the page, it looks fine - they are all lined up neatly next to eachother, but after clicking save and viewing the page nothing has happened?

  2. 1) Rollover images require Javascripts and user inputted scripts are not allowed as, since this is a shared environment, it would open up security issues for you and everybody else's blog here at

    2) You would have to edit the CSS for the theme in question and put in there the border="0" bit. That's the CSS upgrade for $15 a year per blog.

    Hope this helps,

  3. Yup - that clears things up :) Thanks for letting me know!

  4. Not a problem. Thanks for marking your thread as resolved. :)

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