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    Any1 here know how I can find the stupid root directory of my blog? And while you’re at it, how do I download the new wordpress? And how do I change my blogs name from to just And how do I create my own theme for the blog?
    Please tell me. I’m an idiot when it comes to this stuff… :)



    You should be asking these questions at



    I agree with Kashmir, but, very quickly:

    1. You don’t. We don’t have access to the root directory.
    3. Get a host & domain.
    4. Creating your own theme is a complex process, if you are really an “idiot” which I doubt, then you would be better off getting a theme (details at and modifying it.



    I have to ask since I’m wondering. Is there a reason why you’re trying to figure out the root directory? There might be a reason for it.



    The only thought I had was plugins.



    Probably (or themes) but I just wanted to make sure. We had a thread a few days ago concerning where pictures get uploaded into the file directory.


    I need to know where the root directory is cos I want to install wordpress into the directory of my blog.



    For that, you would need to talk to your new host about as we wouldn’t know how they have their server set up.

    Good luck,



    If this is all new to you, then you shouldn’t host your site yourself yet. It’s difficult to understand all the tchnical stuff. Maybe just concentrate on building your site first. And then down the road you could look into hosting it yourself.



    And I think that’s one of the points of using WPMU that we run here. It’s really made for those who just want to blog and not worry about security, DNS, file directories and all that. When you start talking about modifing your theme and adding in adsense, then you start talking about hosting your own blog and all that.

    Unfortunelty, most hosting providers aren’t set up for the handholding that some clients expect. (What do you expect for something under 10 bucks a month? I have clients who expected entire sites designed for them for that price.) That’s one of the reasons why the roll out packages I use for WP, Nuke, etc. come with a large number of themes and plugins already installed. I seem to get a lot of soccer moms….

    With MU, all you have to worry about is blogging and the occasional chnage of theme or link or what have you.



    I ftp’ed the contents of my unzipped wordpress file to my root directory. Several times a box came up “do I want to replace xxxfile 0 bytes with xxxfile from my c drive”. I clicked yes everytime. (After starting the process I realized I should have had a back up of the files in the root directory – hopefully I haven’t messed up totally).

    The wp install page comes up and I fill in the boxes and hit “install wordpress”. The page comes up with several paragraphs of “WordPress database error [CREATE command denied to user ‘KandB_admin’@’web12’ for table ‘wp_terms’]” ‘wp_term_taxonomy’] wp_term_relationships’] etc.

    Is what I’ve done fixable?



    Hello kbbn
    You are in the wrong support forum.
    We cannot help you here. We do not run on the same software.
    There is no ftp uploading at We are on a multiuser blogging platform free hosted by and the software you have is different from ours. You must go to



    Thanks for the heads up and the links. Much appreciated.

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