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Rotate Pictures?

  1. Hey, how do I rotate the pictures on my wordpress blog... I took some photos on my digital camera and uploaded them from the city.. uploaded them to wordpress .. only problem is i took the pictures the wrong way yeh rotate?


    The blog I need help with is

  2. As of now, we cannot rotate, flip, or crop uploaded images.

    All pictures should be uploaded as you want them to appear: edit first then upload.

    I'm guessing that sometime we will have a picture editor which can do that: it's appeared once or twice but was apparently not ready for prime time yet.

  3. Woot, thanks 1tess... any predictions on when that will be?

  4. Also, 1tess love your blog!! Another food blog! That is awesome! I'm looking at making online food blogger buddies! I love how you got the live feed that says what country and stuff that people come from visiting the site.. how'd you get that in there? LOVE the step by the step demonstrations. I am also a big fan of Japanese cooking!

  5. Hi thepuglover!
    Ah, nice to meet you!

    You know, this is (for the most part) a peer to peer support forum so I'm just a fellow blogger. We can only wait: there is no way to guess when staff will finish polishing the image editor and have it up and functioning.

    I'm not sure with stats widget you are asking about:
    Whose among us then
    I like the colors on the flag ones,
    the live traffic feed is fun, sort of up to the minute,
    and world map is also interesting for seeing a day of viewers.

    If you just click on the one you like, you should be able to get to the site where you can sign up for your own.

    Australia! I'd like to visit some day!

  6. Is there a way we can private message or take this conversation about food/blogging else where so we don't annoy the other forum ppl? I have much to chat about..

  7. and i was asking about the "LIVE TRAFFIC FEED" ok plz k thnx. lol.

  8. Try starting a thread in the Off Topic forum.

  9. Now, that is a bit harsh:
    Let's tell a novice that bloggers most often set up a contact forms to get in touch with people.

  10. Oh: raincoaster, but all day today and yesterday I get called spam (therefore invisible).

    If I put in even one link. But it is not consistent as far as I can tell. My answers are invisible sometimes…

    Anyway, I have this contact form and so can anyone else. It is great for having folk/readers ask a private question, make a comment etc.

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