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    I have been thinking for a while that it would be neat if I could have the header image on my blog change, randomly, each time the page is reloaded. As it stands right now, I’ve been changing the header manually once every few months, and I would much rather have some kind of rotation or randomization set up.

    I’ve searched the forums already, and found this post from several years ago, asking essentially the exact same question. The answer given at that time involved a suggestion of one particular script, which only works if you own your own domain, and are not operating a free blog on

    This, sadly, will not work for me, as I do not own my own domain, and as making use of php scripts seems awfully complicated. Surely, there are other scripts, plug-ins, themes, or something out there beyond just this one particular “Random Image Rotator” solution. Has anything different developed or been implemented in the years since that post? Is there a way to do it?

    If not, at the very least, is there a way to use images I have already uploaded to WordPress as my Custom Header, rather than uploading a new copy each time and deleting the old one? When I try to change my custom header image, it prompts me to Browse and upload a file, without giving me the opportunity to choose from files already uploaded; similarly, if I go through my WordPress media library of images already uploaded, there is no “make this your custom header” button.

    Any guidance or suggestions would be most appreciated. Cheers!

    The blog I need help with is



    Please post the URL for the blog to which you are referring starting with http://



    I think you are referring to but not sure. How did Wank do it with that CSS theme that changed based on time of the day?



    The name of the theme that changed based on the time of day was Diurnal.



    Thanks @timethief ! If you are familiar with the CSS upgrade and know CSS, you might want to look at the following for hints as it is an amazing CSS theme that changes the header based on the time of day.




    You’re welcome. It’s a cool theme, but I’m a expatriated urbanite who left the concrete jungle 3 decades ago. Sadly it depicts an urban skyline (manmade structures), rather than a natural skyline. :(



    Then it is obviously calling out to you to modify it for a more pastoral demographic, no?



    Nice try … lol :D



    It might be possible for someone to provide a rotating header service for bloggers. I think that it would have to be limited to bloggers with the CSS upgrade. The blogger would point their header image URLs to something like: would do cunning and automated things so that headerimage was interestingly different depending on time of day, or whatever.


    Move to the Ideas forum? Yes? No?



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