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Rotating header images please

  1. I'm amazed one's asked for rotating header images yet. :)

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  2. I think we need header images on every theme, first.

  3. OOooWWooo la la - Check this one out gentlemen - I suggested it earlier (it's free) -

    Are you ready to jump on my bandwagon by sending in your feedback requests, hmmmm ?

  4. what's a rotating header image? like each time someone visits your blog it's a different header?

  5. @sulz
    click on the link I provided
    okay now once you've seen the film loop where a person can creat their own sequence of images in their own loops or share loops with friends

    now imagine this
    a rotating header is a series of headers that automatically change in sequence according to a timeframe

    of course these kind of features are not recommended for blogs where a lot of readers are on dial-up service

  6. what's a rotating header image? like each time someone visits your blog it's a different header?


  7. That will be cool, and what about allowing some html code in your header image, which automatically changes the images based on your flickr pictures.

    anyone seen this site

  8. Too easy to stick something that would create issues in there.

  9. My brother uses em. Its a pretty neat thing to have

  10. Without being too much of a grave-digger, I'd like to see this implemented :)

  11. u mean like gif picture
    they can be animated rite :)

  12. Actually I mean rotating images. Have like 5 different header images and have a different one displayed when a visitor views your website.

  13. IMO that would be very cool. :)

  14. Yes Mike,
    Tx for giving the hint ;-)
    It would be a great feature .... kind-a-cool

    For ppl who are wondering what it is :-
    look at this site
    Each time u refresh , note the header image :)

  15. Okay, I checked this out and now I'm jumping off the bandwagon. I have highspeed alomost instaneous service and this page the link was provided for above and it just took too long to load after I refreshed ... meh... I withdraw my interest. No thanks.

    I far prefer to have a filmloop strip in my blog rather than a rotating images header. Filmloop doesn't take forever to load and you can do more with it (Ihave it on my desktop). Review here

  16. OOPS .... forget the load time, the link do'nt even seen to get the page now. I see a page not found. Anyways I think that(and the load time) is the web server that it is being hosted on and the quality (size) of the header images. When I initially, came across it , it was'nt that slogging.

    Anyways , flimloop is a wonderful utility , entirely in a different way. I would surely vote for it to be widget-ized :)

    UPDATE : I just had a look at and the scrolling header looks cool. I am with u TimeThief

  17. If Drmike has recommended it then it has to be in the pipeline ! :) It would be GREAT!

  18. Any update on this?? I would love to have one for my blog!!

  19. Any update on this??

    Yes, please don't bump in anything under 24 hours.

    Considering that this thread is over a month old, and very few people joined in, I seriously doubt anything will become of it.

  20. Damn. Bloody shame really. And sorry about that!

  21. ok its 3 weeks , can I bump it now ;-)
    I really like this idea of scrolling header and / or
    flimloop(or similar) support @ wordpress.
    Is there anyone else who would vote for it.

  22. (1) I like both filmloop and rotating headers.
    (2) This is the problem with rotating headers. There are a handful of scripts out there that rotate images most are written in JavaScript. The explanation for why JavaScript is a problem can be found here the explanation for why is here.
    (3) This thread has a non-descriptive useless title "I'm amazed that..." (the title that does not reflect thread contents) consequently, bloggers may not even look in it to see what's being discussed.
    (4) To increase the odds of developing a following you could start a new thread in this ideas forum that says "Rotating Image/Photo Headers". You could also include in it the link to Filmloop so people can see what a filmloop header would look like and you could include links to blogs with rotating headers as well for the same reason.
    BTW rotating blog headers can be used for displaying advertisements *cough*.

  23. Drmike...i hope the laptop comes of great use! Anyway, couldnt you change the title of this thread? Lets see if more people are interested ! Atleast 5 people on this thread are... and thats excluding you.

  24. @TT good suggestion.

    as vanimahal pointed may be it would be nice to just have the thread name updated. Will wait to see if drMike can have it updated :)

  25. Sounds awesome. I would LOVE that! ^ ^

  26. I absolutely love this idea..hope it is followed through!

  27. I was going to post something on my blog about this. There are many ways of having a header rotate. One would be to have the ability to base it on a calander, and have different images for holidays, special occasions, etc. Or, have it on a timer so that it automatically changed to the next one every hour, day, week, etc. Or, have it flip with every hit.

    I've personally created a dozen or so different headers with the intention of manually putting a new one every week, and eventually starting over again. I'd be really cool if it could flip with every hit , though.

    All that would require is the ability to upload mutiple headers, and some sort of basic script. You'd think it'd be a fairly easy feature to add?

  28. I have no css knowledge and the only way for me to get a rotating header is if the big cheeses at WordPress decide it is worth it. Boy, do I want it bad though now that I am going to switch our website here and start my own blog.

  29. We have rotating header images now. This thread is from August. When you're looking at a very old thread, try doing a search of the forums for relevant terms and you'll often find much fresher info.

    Scripts are out, for security reasons. Custom CSS is the way to go for this, but it doesn't look like this is a particularly difficult bit of work to do. Instructions are here:

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