Rounded by Ghyslain Armand – Why are my Links Wierd?

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    Using the theme: “Rounded by Ghyslain Armand”, how do I make my links show up as just blue underlined hyperlinks? They currently show up with a brown tinge to them, and sometimes you can’t even tell it’s a link at all. Here’s one example on my blog: .

    Is the “hyperlink” style/color part of this theme? Do I have to purchase the advance CSS to change this? Thanks!


    Yep, the link style/color is part of the theme. You do need the Custom CSS upgrade if you want to change link colors for the entire blog at once.


    But you can change them on a post by post basis without the CSS upgrade. For blue undelined links without that brown smudge, switch the post editor to html and change this:
    <a href=[etc.]
    to this:
    <a style="color:#00f;background:transparent;text-decoration:underline;" href=[etc.]
    00f is basic blue; if you wish, you can write a hex number for a better one – pick your color here:



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    where can I download this theme to install to my wordpress powered site? I’ve seen blogs with it, & screen shots of it, but can’t find where to download it so that I can put it into my site.



    You cannot use the version of this theme on a install. Here’s a download link to the blue edition of the theme coded for As for the other colors the theme comes in you will have to do Google searches to find them yourself.



    I just found the link to the brown verson of the theme for
    Happy blogging :)



    Thank you for that download link. I’ve been looking everywhere for that theme. It’s very difficult to find.



    You’re welcome and best wishes with your blog. :)




    I’m afraid I spoke too soon. I ended up downloading an empty zip. I tried clicking, right-clicking to save, and everything else…the file is invalid. I am currently using this template on, but I was hoping to move the blog to my own domain. It looks as if I can either keep this template and stay at wordpress, or move the blog and lose the use of the template.

    What a shame. It’s a beautiful template. I think I’m going to try and see if I can contact the theme author.

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