Rounded by Ghyslain Armand

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    I have been trying to simply remove the flowers from this template. I love the colors and the rounded corners on the posts and the sidebar. I don’t want to replace the flowers with anything I just want the header to be all brown. When I do any kind of change to CSS I lose the rounded feature to the blog post and tabs on the sidebar. The rounded feature just disappears on right side and the edges of the sidebar and post are squared off instead???

    So basically if anyone is willing to help….I just want to remove the flowers???

    The blog I need help with is



    maybe if you change back to the rounded theme on your blog then we could better help you



    The flowers are in the background image of the theme. If you put the theme up again and go to the front of your blog and click “view background image” you can confirm this.

    To remove the flowers you will have to replace the image. That is, of course, after you have purchased a CSS editing upgrade which is renewable annually.



    You can, of course. work in the preview mode first but we cannot see what you are doing. You may also find this post to be useful and if you download a free Firefox addon called Firebug you will also find it to be useful


    Ok I am so sorry I really got frustrated and didn’t come back to word press all weekend. Thanks for trying to help. I switched it back and I will look at all of your suggestions and get back with you guys…

    I am so new to all of this…I have been with blogger for years! Thank you soooooo much!


    timethief you are a life saver! I will still have to play with this to see if I can get it to work…I purchased the CSS and tried to tweak the HTML and got so frustrated that I cancelled it after a day and a half of trying!

    I will look into that again.

    One of the questions I had was how do I replace that image of the flowers? Do I need a flickr account to do that? I want the part where the flowers are to be just the same color brown as the rest of the background. So would I upload a jpeg of the that brown color and use that as my image?

    It seems like such a simple change I want to make?

    Thanks in advance!


    So if I understand that link that you provided after purchasing CSS, when I want to tweak my HTML code I only copy and paste part that I want to change? Am I understanding that correctly?



    Pleas understand that my knowledge of CSS is extremely limited and I cannot provide any additional help. You will have to wait until another Volunteer logs in, finds this thread and helps you.



    Is it possible to add more widgets like tag cloud to the sidebar? Had been trying to do so, but whenever I drag a widget to the sidebar, everything is being replaced with the new widget I dragged.

    And how to delete any of the widget boxes from the Sidebar? I click on Sidebar to view anything in the sidebar, but nothing to be appearing.

    My blog link :



    oh.. thanks for the help, panaghiotisadam. :)



    Hey everyone,

    I’m really new around here, I don’t know if this is a good place to ask this question on rounded theme but I’ll give it a shot (I appologize if it’s not).

    I want to know how can I make that new page titles show up only on the right hand sidebar (on the “Pages” widget), not also on the blue blox up in the right corner. Should be really simple and I’ve seen it done in another blog, so… do you have any idea?

    Thanks a lot!



    Julia (if I can be so informal!) –

    You said you were tweaking with the HTML, which with is well-nigh impossible, outside of the textbox widget. You purchased the CSS upgrade, which should let you tweak the CSS, and in fact you can, I think, get rid of the flowered background very easily with that.

    The best way to figure out what to do is to have a CSS analysis tool at the ready, like Firebug or the IE Developer Toolbar. Without that, and a clear knowledge of CSS, you are wandering blindfolded in a coal mine.

    Using Firebug, it looks like the background of your blog has the following CSS:
    ‘body {
    background:url(“img/bg.jpg”) no-repeat scroll left top #4F402A;

    You need to get the CSS upgrade, and override everything but the background color:
    ‘ body { background-image: none; background-color: #4F402A; }’

    Try that in preview and see if it works for you, then purchase the CSS upgrade and apply it. If you need any other help, contact me directly, we can figure it out and post the results back here.

    Chris van Hasselt
    P.S. Nice photos! Keep ’em coming!

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