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Rounded Corners & Background Color Problems

  1. I'm using rounded corners on my header and footer divs, and in order for them to display correctly, I have to define my content's background color using the container div instead of the wrapper div. If I define the background color in the wrapper div, my rounded corners don't display correctly.


    This works great except on short pages, where the background color only goes to just below the post and doesn't extend down to the footer.


    Is there a workaround so that I can keep my rounded corners and have my background color go all the way to the footer?

  2. That first link isn't working for some reason. Try this one:

  3. I put a tag on here for one of the experts to take a look. I honestly have no idea. (But once you figure it out, I may have to steal it :) )

  4. @ vivianpaige: You're welcome to "steal" any of my css. I've borrowed alot of it myself. ;)

  5. Just wanted to bump this up. Anyone have any suggestions?

  6. Hm, guess delta hasn't been around.

  7. I wasn't. My notebook is broken and I'm writing this from an iPhone. Plese don't expect me to do anything till next week. Just bump this thread on Monday to force it into my reading list.

  8. @ deltafoxtrot: I decided to go with rounded background images instead of the -moz-border styling. This was a little more difficult, but it makes my site appear the same in all major browsers. ;)

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