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    On my blog I cannot find the navigation bar on the published website.
    Where is it? I have several pages hanging there..


    Woongroep Belcour

    The blog I need help with is


    Hi Woongroep,

    According to the Rowling theme’s specification, the theme has three Custom Menu area.

    • Top Header Menu
    • Bottom Header Menu
    • Social Menu

    Please go to My Sites > Customize > Menus and configure your menu items at one of the Custom Menu, depending on the location you want your navigation bar to appear at.

    Do let us know if you have further questions, we’ll be glad to help.


    Wauw, thank you! I did not see that.

    The menu’s are new, not new in the sense I never saw them, but I never used them.
    However it is complicated as I find the same things on different places.

    One strange thing, I miss one page that exists but I do not see it, I mean ‘t Belcourtje 3e editie’ . It should be below 2018 as well..
    Can you help me with it?


    You’re welcome. :)

    To add the missing page to the menu, you can add the page at the My Sites > Customize > Menu screen and organize it as the sub-menu of the 2018 menu item. See the steps here.

    Whenever you added a new page, you need to manually add this onto the custom menu unless you have selected the Automatically add new top-level pages to this menu option. However, this is only applicable to the top-level (parent) pages, not their children.

    However, I do have a small suggestion. I can see that you have quite a number of menu items at the navigation bar. If you prefer to have a cleaner look, you can create a new custom menu and set the menu location as the Bottom Header Menu. Then, add informational pages like General Information, Brochure, etc at the navigation bar. Or, you can edit the existing custom menu to re-organize the menu items.

    For the other pages like ’t Belcourtje 1e editie 2018, you can make use of the Navigation Menu Widget. In this case, your site will look cleaner and easier to navigate.

    Hope this helps.


    Thanks a lot Reginabally!

    I did it!!! The site looks much better now!
    I had no idea that this was possible.
    English is not my native language and this info is obviously not in Dutch, at least not easy to understand!

    Regards, Theresia (Woongroep Belcour)


    You’re welcome, Theresia. :)

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