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Rows and columns without tables?

  1. My blog is for our club. We have a treasurer who posts a monthly report, and a room supervisor who posts a weekly schedule. The natural way to present this data is in rows and columns. But neither of these posters has any experience with HTML. So although HTML tables would do the trick, I can't suggest they use tables without a visual editor for them.

    Is Microsoft's Live Writer pretty much the only solution? (I've heard they're going to stop supporting it.) Can anyone suggest an alternative to Live Writer, or an alternative to tables?

    Thanks for any help. (Blog is, redirects to

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I forgot to mention one other aspect of the problem. Most club members receive posts via email. So the data has to stay aligned in rows and columns after being run through the email generator, as well as looking nice on the web page.

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