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  1. I need the rss/atom/rdf URL of my blog. Where can I find it?


  3. You have one for the comments as well.


    They're shown at the bottom right of your blog.


  4. i am a newbie, anyone can tell me what RSS does?

  5. Big long explaination

    Simple explaination: It allows visitors to see what changes have been made to your blog without actually visiting it. It provides a link directly to the article in question if they choose to see more. Usually includes the first 100 characters of the post or something like that. Can be called "headlines". RSS readers allow visitors to monitor a number of sites at once using these feeds.

    From your end, everything is done automatically by the WP software.

    Hope this helps,

  6. I see the concept but can't find out how to add feeds to my site/sidebar (I am using that regulus thing). There are 2 buttons "full" and "comments" but so what...

    I have been trolling through FAQ pages, Forums and Documentation but all the stuff assumes you understand the mechanics of it already.

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