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    I am not sure if RSS is the issue. However, I belong to this website called UUpdates. It is here: When a subscriber to that site makes a new post, the website posts those posts, I believe, using the RSS. The owner of that site has checked everything in his end, and I have checked everything I can on mine but my posts aren’t showing up on that site. He suggested that I contact WordPress tech support to see if there might be some issues about this over here. He is wondering if WordPress might be blocking his server. It has worked in the past but it hasn’t been working for days now, and he has tried updating his website numerous times last night and today, and it keeps timing out on his end when he tries updating WordPress blogs.

    Thanks for looking into this.




    Staff is the address.
    We block no-one so I couldn’t explain why your posts from here do not show up there.



    Thanks, Mark.

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