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  1. Article-rss-feed is not up to date after new blog post has been sent via mail. Blog:
    I need help please!
    Blog url:

    What is the title and what is the date of your latest post please?
    Can you locate it here? Dashboard > Posts > All Posts?

  3. Title: Dritte Woche… Donnerstagabend….
    Date: 18. Oktober 2012
    Yes it is in Dashboard > Posts > All Posts?
    It is the first published 53 minutes before

  4. This thread has been flagged for Staff assistance. Please be patient while waiting and thank you for posting the additional information.

  5. Sorry for the trouble!

    We're looking into this.

  6. You're all fixed up.

    Please let us know if you need any further assistance!

  7. Great it is working! Thank you!

  8. You're welcome!

  9. Sorry... It's me again.
    It seems to work but there is still a problem: I wrote some news posts and they do not appear in the rss feed. I recogniced it today because my android flipboard did not show the post from this morning. Could you help me again, please?

  10. Sorry about that!

    We're looking into this again.

  11. Hi there. When you say your post has been sent by mail, do you mean that you're posting using email or that email notification of the new post has been sent? Thanks!

  12. I am publishing posts on my blog by email...

  13. Hi there,

    Sorry about the continued trouble. I've once again manually refreshed your feed while we continue to investigate why this issue is persisting for you.

    Please let us know if you continue to experience issues with the feed.


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