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  1. My RSS show only a resume of the text in the post, but i want that they show a foto and a resume... and the post show all the fotos and all the text. How can i do this?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. no one?

  3. Type what you want in the excerpt module when you edit a post.

    The excerpt module is a text editor so if you are not comfortable using html code, the easiest way to do this is to write your custom excerpt at the end of a post in the visual editor. You can include a picture (or several) but shortcodes and embeds won't appear. That means no galleries and no YouTubes.
    Then switch to the text editor and copy/cut the code and paste it into the excerpt module. Update or publish.

    If the excerpt module isn't visible, click on "screen options" top right of your screen to make it visible.

  4. Note: The custom excerpt won't display on archive or category pages because that function is not active on the Fanwood Lite theme. It works only for your feed.

    Some themes will display a custom excerpt on the front page; some will display a custom excerpt only on archive and category pages. Most themes will not display custom excerpts at all, except on feeds or to email subscribers. I don't know its effect on the Reader.

  5. my theme don't use excerpt. I use the more tag to control what to see in the blog. But the more tag don't control what to see in the reader.

  6. Please read what I said above carefully.
    The custom excerpt function works for feeds. You are right, it does not work with your theme for controlling what you see on the blog. It doesn't work in most themes. It does, however work with RSS feeds and for emails to subscribers. I use it all the time.

  7. I don't use the reader so don't know what displays there. I am not clear on how the reader works technically.

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