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RSS? Allowing people to suscribe

  1. I was just trying to get subscribers! I want readers to be able to subscribe
    to my blog and view posts on like Google Reader etc.
    So I decided to try the RSS thingy, and if you click my RSS comments or posts feeds, its just
    Since I seem to have blown it, can someone tell me how to do it, possibly with even those cool little icons I see

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I recommend trying out this newest RSS Links Widget

  3. Thats what I put in my site.

    It seems to just generate gibberish

  4. When you click the new RSS Links Widget on my site it generates a page of code, is that what is meant to happen?

  5. Works fine for me could you please take a screen shot of the Gibberish you're referring too you can use Jing to take high quality screen shots

    Also what browser version are you using ?

  6. Google Chrome:
    I am downloading Jing

  7. Okay I forgot to mention that Jing well require a Free Screen Cast account to store your Jing content.

  8. What happens when other people click on my RSS link?

  9. This what I see when I use Firefox 3.5.2 [Update the image is now the correct size]

    This is what I see with Google Chrome:

    What's going on is that Google Chrome just displays the RSS feed in it's raw format
    if someone chooses to copy and paste your feed URL into their Google reader the content will display correctly like this screen shot example.

    I also recommend trying out a faster browser like Firefox 3.5.3

  10. I see.
    The actual URL needs to be pasted.
    I am guessing then I should remove the links.
    Is there a direct way for people to subscribe to a blog?

    Eg. How did you set up your amazing RSS? It looks great.

    Love that song by the way.

  11. It's part of the iNove theme options

    Is there a direct way for people to subscribe to a blog?

    Yes Feed burner offers direct subscribe

    I recommend burning your feed through Feedburner so you can offer a more robust feed as well as email updates of your feed to your readers also with feedburner you can see how many readers have subscribed to your feed burner feed.

    Note Feed Burner require a Google account here is the Feed burner link

  12. Thanks t3ch!

    Will go get one

  13. You're welcome classicaus,

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