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    I have been trying for awhile now to figure out how to fix the RSS Feed spacing when the newsletter goes to a yahoo email account. MailChimp is not picking up my breaks between paragraphs, pictures, etc.

    MailChimp support says “All you need to do is add a margin-bottom of 1em (either inline or in your stylesheet) and the spacing is back.”

    But I can’t find a place to change the margins, in either MailChip or my WordPress blog.

    Do you know how to fix this, or do you have another suggestion I could try?

    The blog I need help with is



    Please verify exactly which blog you are referring to by posting an active link to it starting with http://



    Those mailchimp instructions refer to your mailchimp template, so you have to make the changes there.


    I did not know WP had newsletter options, thinking of switching. How do I know if my blog/theme/version will support a plugin? I am on my dashboard, is that what they mean when they say my admin area? I can’t find a plugin option there. If it matters, the theme I am using is Koi. I can’t tell what version of WP I am using, I have had the same blog since 2007 (for personal now switching to business) at the bottom of the screen it says…
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    Do current blogs not automatically update whit each new version of WP?



    Your current blog will not support plugins. doesn’t have newsletter options per se, but people can sign up to get each of your posts via email. I have a Contact Form where people can sign up for my email that I administer separately from


    I had that for awhile but need something with a sign up form that I can also place on FB, link in my email and multiple shop signatures, etc. Is there a way to do that with the post update option?


    Also mailchimp is telling me the changes need to be made on my blog.



    There is no way to do that with the post update option. You want to host the sign-up on a separate webpage. Some use Google Docs for this. You can use Aweber or Mailchimp or whatever; they all should offer a way to sign up on their site.

    I suppose if Mailchimp is telling you to make the changes on your site, you could create some extra space in the bottom of every post. Seems like wrecking the house to make sure the mailbox works, tho.


    LOL – I tried adding extra space in my post, but not at the bottom. Will go try that now.


    That did not work. I am thinking it needs to be done with HTML, no idea how to do that.

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