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RSS Error

  1. Since 1 weeks ago, an error of RSS blog appear. Then, i have try another site RSS, and it work normally. Until now, my blog RSS still can not work. How must i do to fix it?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. you can't enter the RSS feed from your own site into the RSS widget. You can however use the Recent post widget which will show all your latest posts or just create a link to the RSS feed into a text widget.

  3. Yes, you can enter your own RSS feed into the widget, although on some themes it appears not to work. It certainly works in Sandbox.

  4. yeah, I was going to come back here and say that, on my other blog using the Vigilance I use the RSS widget with my own feed and it works and the OP is also using the Vigilance theme so in this case I'd have to retract my first comment, sorry.

  5. @raincoaster
    Indeed, i have already use Vigilance theme since 2 month ago. And usually using RSS to show some categories of my articles. And, another blog which using Vigilance work normally. So?

  6. @aw1923
    It's okay... :)
    I am puzzled.

  7. What is the EXACT URL of the feed you've put into the widget and are having a problem with? Your feed should be at

  8. Thanks for all. This problem resolve.
    Evidently, the problem was appear from XML especially 128 line code, char 9. In my friend suggest me to check at W3 Validator.

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