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    Yesterday I transferred the contents of one blog to another blog. The RSS FEED says “An error has occurred. The feed is probably down. Try again.” This has been so ever since I made the new blog.

    When I checked my RSS WIDGET, I noticed that the URL says HTTPS, so I deleted the S. However, when I hit SAVE, the S (for Secure) popped up again. Could this be a glitch? Here is what I see:

    <img class=”alignright size-full wp-image-24846″ title=”Widgets ‹ THE MARXIST MUST GO! — WordPress” src=”” alt=”” width=”435″ height=”311″ />

    The blog I need help with is



    I unwittingly caused the Post to be published. The title should be:

    RSS Feed for newly made blog has not worked since installation.




    The correct RSS feed URL is this:



    Tinethief, that solved it! Thanks!

    I’m not sure of the reason, but with regard to the https, even when I deleted the S, it came back. About the rest of the URL, I have no idea how it got there. I think (but cannot be sure) that it is the URL from the old blog. But i did change the URL to the ”peregrine“ form.




    I’m glad to hear using the correct URL resolved your problem. You’re welcome and happy blogging.



    Timethief… you know what? I just cannot hold a lot of items in my memory. I notice that some of the others can remember strings of numbers and solutions to problems from a year ago. With me, that usually is not so, even with extremely important things like my income taxes.

    Much of my errors come from me not remembering. And if I make a note of something, I forget that I did so or I forget where the note is.

    I am also math dyslexic. I invert numbers even when I am focusing very precisely. I am 66 years old, and it seems worse now than it used to be. I doubt that I have Alzheimer’s, but the effect is the same.




    I have a “private” blog strictly for blogging notes, tips & tricks. . When I discover new things I’m likely to forget I copy and paste them into my “private” blogging notes blog. Maybe that will work for you.

    BTW if you have not been diagnosed with Alzheimers then it’s not a good idea to think and talk like you do have it. Medical experts state that short-term and remote memories aren’t usually affected by aging. But your recent memory may be affected.

    Memory problems that aren’t part of normal aging
    * Forgetting things much more often than you used to
    * Forgetting how to do things you’ve done many times before
    * Trouble learning new things
    * Repeating phrases or stories in the same conversation
    * Trouble making choices or handling money
    * Not being able to keep track of what happens each day

    Activities to help you remember
    * Keep lists and take notes.
    * Follow a routine.
    * Make associations (connect things in your mind), such as using landmarks to help you find places.
    * Keep a detailed calendar.
    * Put important items, such as your keys, in the same place every time.
    * Repeat names when you meet new people.
    * Do things that keep your mind and body busy.

    If you have those problems and undertaking activities to help you remember do work for you then make a doctor’s appointment.



    TimeThief….. Ok. I made a fsst solution for notes:

    I made a mailbox for it in my email application. It’s easy to access.
    I know that a lot of answers are already here in my own list of questions with the answers, but there are so many pages, and a lot of the useful advice I get from you guys is often not necessarily part of the topic of my question. Sometimes even your offhand comments ring a bell and I know that it is info worth remembering….

    But then it gets buried in a question having nothing to do with it.

    Looking at the list you put up, I guess I don’t have A. :-)

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