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    I have a new blog and want to add the RSS icon/service to it. When I tried to add using widgets, it made all of my links disappear on my blog. How can I add so that readers can subscribe? thank you.



    Searches are a blogger’s friend :)

    There is a specific FAQ on adding your feed to your sidebar.

    And the initial set of widgets is a sample set that disappear when you add your own. Just add them back in.


    Thanks for your help, but it did not work. Same result. Lost whole right side column with links, etc. Would not allow me to add links back in — said they were already visible but they were not. Thanks anyway.



    Well, that’s another whole problem. Again, searches are a blogger’s friend. Did you set up one theme and then change to another? If that is the case, you need to go back to the old theme, remove all the widgets (make sure you save any text widget info to a file on your computer), change to the new theme and put the widgets back in.


    You likely need to retype the code found on the FAQ link above. The quotes used the code are not formatted properly when you paste them and therefore do not show up properly. That is why they have you retype it.

    Retype this into your text widget: <img src=”” />


    Sorry, the reply box made my code into a link. Retry:

    <a href=""><img src="" /></a>



    how do i adjust my rss feeds page (my feeds) so the media files do not appear after each entry?



    We have no control over the feeds page. That is interpreted by whatever reader you are using.

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