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  1. Basically, lots of my readers are asking how they can add my site to their RSS Feeder. I am still a bit new to posting, I wouldn't say I was an expert on blogging and "customer/reader support", so I don't know how. At least 10 or 15 people have asked about how to add my blog to their RSS Feed, or that they have problems adding it (my blog is , see if you can add my blog to your RSS if you want), so I sort of want to help. Thanks!

  2. There are people who are paid to spam using this asking for a RSS Feed link gambit. If you actually know the people that's one thing. If you don't then do be aware that these people are paid to sucker you into posting their spam comment on your blog.

    All wordpress blog have buit in RSS Feeds. there is nothing you need to do to set them up. They already exist.
    This is the RSS URL Feed for your posts (entries)
    This is the RSS URL Feed for your comments

  3. If you wish you can set enable blog subscriptions on your blog. See here please >

  4. I have a question related to pinky200011's. My question is how, if at all, can you get an RSS Feed for the pages on your blog? We have links to auido on a page of our blog and are trying to get the RSS Feed for that page so we can submit it to iTunes for a podcast. We've had some trouble with this and are wondering if we have the wrong RSS Feed for the page. Here's the information for our blog and feed url that we currently tried.

    The page is:
    Original Feed:
    Feed address:

    Thank you for your help with this.

  5. Pages do not have RSS Feeds.

  6. That would explain our difficulties. Thank you Timetheif.

  7. If you had published these as posts and then created a category for them, there would be an RSS feed. All wordpress blogs have RSS feeds for posts and form comments only. There is no way to automatically transfer content from pages to posts. It's a copy an paste job.

    This is the format for a category feed on blogs:

  8. Many people are arriving here are restructuring the conventional post based structure of their blogs to become page based like a website. See here for more on the characteristics of pages and posts >

  9. This is very helpful, thank you! How do you create a static page? Are there certain layouts that are needed or is it a chose from the dashboard for the blog?

    Thanks again for this insight.

  10. create static page >
    learn blogging tutorial >

  11. Creating static pages is not a theme dependent feature.

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