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  1. tullettprebonresearch


    We currently use a third party email subscription service called Feedblitz to manage our email subscribers. The email newsletter is driven by an RSS feed, and we've had some unexpected results, which the suppliers tells us is caused by the hero slider at the top of our theme.

    He suggests that we can source a feed from you which omits information from the hero slider - I cannot see how to do this. Please can you advise me or provide me a link to use?
    Blog url:

  2. This isn't a simple thing to do because you can't easily exclude the sticky posts from the main feed of the site.

    One solution would be to assign a tag / category to items you want in the news letter and then ask them to use the tag feed instead.

    For example you can point them at a feed like this one:

    Which only includes posts with the "blue-book-2012" tag.

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