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  1. I have had a number of comment about not being able to access my RSS do I need to set something up here. I just blog here I dont understand setting up things like
    Blog url:

  2. To be honest they are usually spam comments, they also will tell you that your blog doesn't look 'right' with a certain browser. They are looking for an easy way in, to flood you with spam comments. Don't accept such comments. I just clicked on your RSS and it looks fine, your most recent post is there, i had no problem accessing it, so no apparent problems. You don't need to set up anything with your RSS, it's already provided for you by WordPress.

  3. Thanks for the feedback the giddygoat. I didn't think i needed to do anything. The spam is getting creative for sure.

  4. The RSS feed is just for people to get updates of your posts (it's the orange icon like the one on the right of this thread). Spammers will try anything, and when one thing fails they try another. Keep a sharp eye out for them!!

  5. Yes, it's spam just like thegiddygoat says and it's not a new kind of spam it's been around for a long time.
    This is your feed
    It's a valid and operating

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