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    How much work is involved in custom coding the RSS feed on a site? I’m trying to get my RSS feed to be compatible for a mobile application we are having built and the RSS feed needs to be set up in a very specific way as outlined in the document linked below:

    Is this possible to do?


    The blog I need help with is


    Sorry, you cannot modify the RSS feeds here at wordpress.COM.

    The RSS feeds conform to the RSS feed standards. The application really needs to work with that standard otherwise others that try to view your RSS feed on something other than the mobile application might see something that is horribly messed up and some RSS readers/viewers are seriously picky and if the RSS feed does not comply with standards, they will not even display it and just report an error.

    Tricky area you are heading into here.



    I’m sorry but custom editing cannot be used for that purpose. It can only be used to alter appearance.


    Also, wordpress RSS feeds comply completely with RSS 1 and 2, so there really should not be any problems.



    Going away now lol :D


    I should also note that I view RSS feeds all the time on my iPhone so like I said, there should really be no issues. I just viewed the RSS feed from one of my test blogs here on my iPhone and everything looks just fine.

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