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    Am hoping somebody has a fix for this! For now, i’ve added a hotspot over the rss feed to correct the problem but i’d rather sort ot properly than cheat and bypass the problem.

    I’ve linked the rss feed for onto the front page of This works fine and i’m happy with that bit.

    However, if somebody clicks on ‘continue reading’ it opens the blog in the small section i’ve got for the rss feed and not a new browser page as it does when you click on the title of the same story.

    Is it possible to edit what happens when somebody clicks on the text in the rss feed?

    I’d appreciate any help – am happy to change to another theme if this is specific to Chateau; i like it but not that much!



    The blog I need help with is



    That’s weird because I went to this RSS Feed URL and I clicked the continue reading link on this post White Ribbon Campaign Event at Shrewsbury Town Football Club and I was connected to the correct post.



    In any event we support only free hosted blogs here and the feed is valid and working properly. We do not provide support for installing the capacity on your website to draw the RSS feed from your blog. That support has to come from


    it only works due to a hotspot placed over it as a temporary fix which i used until the rss feed gets fixed

    the rss feed is not working properly as the ‘contniue reading’ link opens the rss feed within in the small box of the rss feed; click on the title and a fresh browser/tab is opened with the correct stort; you can’t see that at the moment due to my temporary fix

    the rss feed works in part only, hence my request for help correcting the rss feed

    i need help either deleting the ‘continue reading’ link or altering it so it behaves the same as the story title



    The RSS feed on your free hosted blog is valid and click “continue reading” works properly for me. I am using Firefox 8. If you are using Chrome then it lacks a built-in feedreader. What’s required is this > RSS Subscription Extension (by Google) for Chrome

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