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RSS feed cropping

  1. A colleague has set up the RSS feeds for my blog, When imported into another site,, they are cropped off based on number of characters, I think, which looks awkward. Is there a way to set up the feed so it takes the first full paragraph? Or can I use some kind of excerpting to make sure the RSS feed gets a complete sentence or two? I have searched the FAQs and forums to no avail. Thanks!

  2. If you go to your blog Admin => Options => Reading, just turn on the "full text" versus the "summary" in the Syndication Feeds section.


  3. Do realize that if you display full text in your RSS feed, it makes it easier for blog scrapers to steal your content.

  4. I don't think they care because they are using blog scraper software as the main problem issue to import the content from their site! ;)


  5. Oops, I should have read more carefully.

  6. Thanks for the suggestion. Unfortunately, the "full text" option was already selected, so that's not the solution. It appears that the RSS feed is sending only the first 100 characters. Ideally, it would send complete sentences, but I'd settle for ending on a complete word! Current example: Lots of news organizations have created crime maps online; many of those maps include searchable dat...
    Is it possible that this clipping is dictated by the code on the importing page, not WordPress at all?

  7. I think you are right. It looks like that intro page on is just showing a "thumbnail" of the entire post.

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