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RSS feed delay

  1. Is anyone having issues with their RSS feed? Mine is taking hours to alert readers that my blog has updated. A post that I did yesterday just showed up earlier on today and my latest is still not showing up in any of my readers (I tried it in bloglines and Google reader).

  2. I've found that at Bloglines updating can be very slow (up to 2 days behind).

  3. You can use a service like or if you want to try manually pinging. The RSS feeds are pretty much live so it may be an issue on Bloglines or Google's end.

    And it wouldn't be the first time.

  4. My feed widget on my sidebar generally lags behind up to an hour.

  5. The RSS in the sidebars are cached. It's in the widget code.

  6. Ahh, ok. I knew that bloglines had problems but I had only signed up for Google Reader today to see if my new posts were showing up there.


  7. I find that using pingoat is very effective.

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