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RSS feed delay

  1. I have noticed a long delay between the time when a post goes live, and when it shows up in my blog's feed:

    So, for example, it's been about 10 hours since I posted this morning; but the post is still not listed in the RSS feed.

    What gives?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. @bug_girl, not a clue. I would contact staff directly and have them look into it.

  3. I tagged this for staff attention, but contact them anyway since there is no telling when they will wander through the forums.

  4. I've been reporting this for months. My newest post went to Tumblr with a delay of about 12 hours, but the one before that hasn't shown up at all.

  5. Your posts are belong to us.

  6. Just don't insult the cat mafia. They'll send your posts to sleep with the fishes, apparently.

  7. Or the g00g. Don't insult the g00g. They will make you posts into un-posts that have to forever haunt graveyards at night.

  8. But the cat mafia is "sensitive." It's like if Woody Allen built an army. <--relevant

  9. Holy crap rain!

  10. LOL! it is so good to see (virtually) the two of you again :)

    Also, YAY that it's not just me.

  11. @bug-girl
    It's good to see you here. :)

  12. When you publish a new post, could you try going to these links and see if you can find the new post? (replace EXAMPLE with your subdomain)

  13. I have the same problem as the thread starter. The rss feed does not show my last post yet (uploaded 4 hours ago), the atom feed does. Yesterday it took at least 15 hours to update the rss feed.

  14. @awest308
    Did you read and act on the advice in the comment Staff made immediately above your own?

  15. Yes, maybe my comment was not clear enough:
    rss: newest still not listed
    atom: already updated
    validator: valid rss feed

  16. Would you like to report your details directly to Staff as we Volunteers cannot help with this issue?

  17. @awest308

    It's been 2 hours since you first posted so you may be seeing this too, but I can see your RSS feed updated.

    Please clear your browser cache a couple times or try another browser that you never visited your feed with.

    On the Validator, I actually want you to look at the code and see if you can find the latest title (use your browser's search feature to find it on the page). This is just a test to make sure you are seeing fresh feed not browser cache.

  18. Ok, I have the same problem again. The last couple of weeks it worked perfectly but my newest post, written almost 24 hours ago, doesn't show up neither in my rss feed which I subscribed to with Google Reader nor on the feed validator. The atom feed though works. I will contact the staff on Jan 3rd.

  19. @awest308

    It's about 3.5 hours since you've posted, but I am seeing your latest post in the feed. Here's a Google Reader screenshot:

    Could you double-check that you've done everything I described above?
    (clearing cache / cookies, checking the validator)

  20. I checked my rss feed with two browsers, Google Reader and the validator. My latest post didn't appear until a few hours ago. Now everything is ok. Don't know why. As I said, the last couple of weeks it worked fine.

  21. Mine seems to be working now as well, although super creepy mullet dude is still scraping my content. *shudder*

    His exact duplicate of my twitter post feed actually appears about 1 minute before mine does:

    (No idea who he is, but the other blog he's scraping appears to be Amnesty International. Not asking for WP help on that; just sharing the creepy.)

  22. blackroseheart

    I've been having a problem with my RSS feed, as well. I use Yahoo for my feed reader.

    It's been 4 MONTHS since it's updated my RSS feed, which was just a regular RSS feed.

    After reading here, I decided to try an Atom feed, and that works perfectly! I don't know if the problem is the feed, or the reader, but RSS doesn't work and Atom does.

    I went to the Feed Validator, and this was the response:

    This feed is valid, but interoperability with the widest range of feed readers could be improved by implementing the following recommendations.

    * line 28, column 148: Unregistered link relationship: search [help]

    ... com/osd.xml" title="Shaking The Tree" />


  23. @blackroseheart, your feed validates completely with no errors, so the feed coming out of wordpress is fine.

    Yahoo and a bunch of people involved in the RSS standards have been going round and round about whether the standard calls for an ending "/" or not, with Yahoo the loudest and most boisterous naysayers to the point that they will not even attempt, or at least would not a while ago display a feed if you ended it with the trailing slash.

    In your yahoo reader settings, try the feed URL without the trailing slash.

  24. Technorati is a WEEK behind in my RSS feed. Just the one for my most important blog; all the others work just fine.

  25. Technorati? I thought they slipped into irrelevance about two years ago when they did their last big marvelous "update" and flushed about half of their users blog data down the toilet. They never did recover those two lost years of my data and started me again at zero.

  26. Yeah, I believe you, but this is about the RSS feeds. They're accurate on all EIGHT other blogs to which I contribute. And I'm observing a similar failure with Facebook and Tumblr as well, both of which are dependent on RSS feeds to pull in the blog. The blog is at least a week overdue unless I post it manually.

  27. blackroseheart

    @thesacredpath - I tried it both ways, and neither way works. With or without the ending "/", my feed is 4 months old.

    Any other ideas?

  28. blackroseheart

    @thesacredpath - I thought I'd test out the theory of the ending "/" with the Atom feed.

    Both work perfectly in Yahoo.

    I don't know the difference between a regular RSS feed and an Atom feed, so I can't explain why one works and the other doesn't. And if the regular RSS feed is picking up stuff from 4 months ago, why isn't it picking up stuff from more recently?

    Can you get the RSS feed to work in Yahoo?

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