RSS FEED DIFFICULTIES/Makes Sidebar Go Down /Disappear

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    I was admonished in another thread not to make dupe threads but this is different than the 404 error Repeat:: -This has nothing to do with 404 errors:

    Last night the following happened to me

    I wanted to add an rss feed for Good Morning Silicon Valley and one for the Phila. Inquirer Health/Science feed
    That action made my sidebar disappear and a few sidebar widgets moved down to the bottom. I thought it might be the Capital letters I was using to name the RSS feed but no such luck…

    Tonight the same thing has happened and I got the sidebar back by taking out both rss feeds widgets.

    Dr. Mike told me to add them back so that they could see the problem so I have added 1 rss feed and the sidebar has
    disappeared/partially (some items)moved to bottom of page

    Firefox / win xp



    My guess is that we are having some major problems in the back-end. What’s yours?
    I’m choosing not to make any radical changes to any of my blogs just in case.
    In fact, I’m only making minimal posts and that’s it. How about you?
    P.S. I’m not supposed to tell you to upgrade your brower, so I won’t. Mine is Firefox ;)


    You’re a diplomat.
    I love these guys and coders and forum moderators and I appreciate them so I feel bad almost when i complain.

    Now some Grateful Dead .

    I’m sure they’ll work this out…



    “You’re a diplomat.” {I really don’t have much of a choice.}
    grinning and chuckling and nodding … catch ya tomorrow … :D


    And I had been checking automatically the Firefox page but I didn’t know you could get ff2 . It’s downloading as we speak…

    Yes, Thanks Timethief (again)



    I did two things so I’m not sure which one was the kicker.

    I got Firefox 2 insatlled and I found a post that seem to have some weird tags for BOLDFACED FONT and I just lowered the pixels and it was a post that was near the bottom of my long homepage( i show a lot of posts on my front /home page)

    That did the trick




    I’m glad you shared your happing ending with us. :)


    Speaking about feeds. Which one of these logos/icons should I have on my blog? The numbers or versions is not a part of my knowledge. It should be the one, that WordPress services, of cause. A tip would be nice… :D


    I like the big “fabulous” one


    I meant the ones with version numbers on them. In orange and grey…


    There must be someone who knows, what version Worldpress is using?



    You can drag and drop that “Meta” widget into your sidebar and click “save changes” and it’s over and done with. You will then have fully operational rss feeds for both comments and posts. The icons are not necessary.


    Thank you, I’ll try that and see what happens… :D


    I just tried, but I don’t think so. I like the logo. Adds colors…

    You see, timechief it was possible to move his widget to and from the “parking place”, that we talked about in the other thread. But add one more widget to the parking place and the trouble begins, because it would have to sit in a new row….



    My advice is stop fretting about the widgets and send in a feedback to staff. I honestly can’t understand what’s going on with you and your widgets. I cannot help. I give up.


    I all right. I’ll just live with it. :-D

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