RSS feed: Does it give only first or the final version?

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    I have the RSS Subscribe button on my blog. Question is: Let’s say Susie subscribes to my blog with the RSS button. I will put it this way:

    At 5:00 pm I write and publish a post.
    At 5:10 pm I edit my post. I delete one paragraph and add two sentences.
    At 5:15 pm Susie goes to her browser where her RSS feeds are kept. Which form of my blog will she get, the one I wrote at 5:00 pm or the form after it was edited?

    The blog I need help with is



    Usually it takes some time (probably one hour or a little more) to get your post in the feed. I have posted immediately and deleted it and it did not appear there!

    Why don’t you subscribe to your own RSS feeds (everyone does) and see it; experiment etc.

    I think Susie may get the edited post at 5: 15 pm.

    Also you may get a new blog for all testings and experiments.


    Member is a wonderful WP blogging help site.

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