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    When I click on my RSS feed all I get is a new window full of script and code. Is there any way I can get it to work properly?



    That’s because you’re looking at it with a browser that doesn’t have a feed reader. What are you using?


    Thanks for the reply – Just internet explorer. It has worked with other RSS feeds, but it’s definitely a bit hit and miss. Similar things have happened with other feeds now that you mention it.



    i have the same problem i get code when i click on Entries RSS,commentsRSS on my meta tab on my home page. i have desktop feedreader as well as got RSS button on my google toolbar on my IE. pls explain..what am i doing wrong.

    if i manually add feed url to my reader i get feeds..but the what is the expected behaviour when i click on my Entries RSS,commentsRSS ?
    thanks in advance




    I followed the FAQ to put a RSS feed widget on my blog page (so other people can subscribe to my feed), but it wouldn’t work. I did it under “presentation – widgets”. The link that I pasted in disappeared even though I kept putting it back in. It gave me this error.

    Error: could not find an RSS or ATOM feed at that URL.

    Can someone please help?




    Could you post the code here between backticks (the key to the left of the number 1) so we can see it?


    You cannot put your own feed in the RSS feed widget according to this FAQ:



    Yes you can. I have had it in mine for at least a year. You can check it out under “Eat Raincoaster Feed” on my blog. It seems to work just fine.


    Hmmm, so the FAQ needs editing then.



    Thanks…I’m going to try reading that blog



    sacredpath, I read that faq too, but it just doesn’t seem to make sense because I have RSS feed logos on my other site so people can subscribe to it: You’ll see what I mean if you scroll down and see the left bar. I’m trying to get at least one done, but I don’t know why it doesn’t work. It’s been frustrating trying to get just one simple thing up.

    raincoaster, I tried to search “eat raincoaster feed” on your page, but couldn’t find it. Do you have a direct link for that particular blog?

    Thanks again for replying to me :)



    rain’s feed is displayed in her sidebar below the MyBlogLog widget and above the Blogroll. You don’t need to have the feed displayed, though for people to subscribe to it.

    Here are instructions:



    judyb12, thanks. I think I have been trying to input the info into a RSS box, instead of a textbox. I tried it though, but it’s still not working. Here are the codes, and I’d appreciate if someone can tell me what I did wrong! Thanks a bunch!

    ~<img src=””>~



    Ok, looks like it’s working after I clicked on what I put in between barticks. There’s still a cross instead of showing the RSS feed logo, but after linking it to a small logo, it’s working now!!

    BTW, that’s not the exact code I put in the previous post…it just switched to what you see now. I’m not good at html and all that…but thanks for all the help!!



    you’re welcome :-)


    Hi all, I think there’s something I’m missing…

    When I click on the RSS icon on other blog sites, it takes me to a subscribe page, where I can click “subscribe to this blog” and it’ll appear in my Outlook list of RSS feeds. I’m looking to enable something like that for readers of my blog.

    Rather, whenever I click on any user’s RSS icon on wordpress (including my own), it opens a MS Outlook page with XML in it. I don’t want users to SEE the feed, I want them to be able to SUBSCRIBE to the feed.

    I do know that I can go into Outlook and manually type in the url for my feed and subscribe that way, but I want to let users “subscribe” without having to do that, as they can do with blogs from other sites.

    What am I missing?




    What’s your blog’s URL so we can try it out for ourselves.

    Have you tried with a different browser?

    Personally, I’ve never had an issue with Reader, but every one’s setup is different.


    Here’s my blog link.

    (Everyone else’s link was clickable from their name. Any idea why mine wasn’t?)

    I’ve only tried with IE 7 and Outlook.



    Your feed is working fine. I used IE& and Firefox to confirm this.
    P.S. Outlook is an Email program and not a browser.

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