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    I received this message on my bloglines blog http:// which I have subscribed to my wordpress blogs and

    Bloglines has encountered an error trying to fetch the latest version of this feed. Bloglines handles errors automatically, no action is required by you. The error was:

    The feed URL returns a page that does not look like an RSS feed. This can be caused by the feed URL being incorrect, or it can be caused by a configuration issue with the server hosting the feed. If this error continues, you should check the feed URL and, if it is wrong, subscribe to the correct URL.

    I know the URL is correct. As I’m a newbie I’m reporting this to you.



    You should subscribe to instead of the URL cause that’s no feed.



    I appreciate your reply alphonse. I am already subscribed to and I am receiving posts without error messages. I just confirmed this to be double sure. And when I went back and checked this out again I noticed the red error exclamation mark in the square brackets had disapeared from behind my blog so I assume everything is fine now and that this issue has been resolved. Tx again for replying to me.


    Periodically certain feeds don’t work in Bloglines. I’ve noticed this with blogs, Blogger blogs, and others. I’ve even noticed it with Google’s blog. After a while (some times up to a day) Bloglines usually works out all the kinks, and I can once again stop working and start reading feeds ;)



    As an aside, Bloglines is now supporting YouTube. Took them long enough. :)

    The two feeds came up fine for me, both with the latest posts. (ie “COUNT US OUT! Shout Canadians” and “MEANINGFUL PUBLIC CONSULTATION”

    Hope this helps,



    i’m having the same problem as timethief but while hers is over mine is still showing the exclamation sign for my blog. i tried unsubscribing and subscribing again to see if that could work, but it showed some feeds in the past though not the latest and the exclamation is still thr. is thr stg wrong with my feed? sometimes i edit previous posts, could that be the problem? or it’s a bloglines problem?



    Hmm, I’ve got the red exclamation sign as well this morning. Only on the WordPress blogs though. The ones hosted off of site are fine. The feeds look fine though as far as i can tell. (Please remember that I know squat about RSS)

    Feedback sent.



    thanks drmike. you not knowing rss? can’t imagine – you seem to know everything abt wp.



    I have a little over 2,300 clients at my hosting service. You pick up things fast. :)



    Just FYI — I’ve been having the same problem with Bloglines all weekend, and concurrently, my Feed stats dropped by the number of Bloglines users.

    I’m subscribed to my own blog and another blog via Bloglines, and then am subscribed to another 74 feeds through Bloglines as well. The feeds are showing no error whatsoever and are pulling plenty of posts. Both blogs show the red exclamation point, and I’ve tried to resubscribe a couple of times. I can’t get the RSS reader to pull anything beyond posts that went up on Friday afternoon.

    It seems to be a WordPress problem, although I’m not sure how to further diagnose it.



    Ahh Ha! At least we are narrowing down where the problem may be. Hopefully someone can pinpoint it and find a “cure”.


    Are any Bloglines users seeing RSS feeds from All of my subscriptions have been displaying the red exclamation point of death in my Bloglines account for several days now. If this doesn’t let up, I’m going to have to resort to manually looking at blogsto see if new content has been added. And I just can’t let myself get that low tech.



    i just sent feedback. i’ll post later for their reply


    I submitted feedback, too. Hopefully that’ll get us somewhere. But yeah — the manual checking…the horror! I’ve just been sad to see my miniscule feed numbers drop because of it…I want the instant gratification of the bigger number!

    :-) Genie


    I noticed the same thing a couple times (the red exclamation point kiss of death). It’s there for several days and then it goes away and bloglines starts receiving my feed ok.

    Now it’s back again and none of my recent posts have reached bloglines. Like the rest of you I subscribe to several blogs and this is only happening with those hosted at wordpress. By the way, this happens whether you type in the regular url or the feed, either way the red exclamation point will show up eventually.

    It is frustrating! Forget trying to establish readership because I keep losing subscribers when my feed goes down. No one wants to read a blog that has technical issues and spotty service. I think that other services can’t reach it either, like Feedburner.

    Sometimes I can’t view my blog, it just won’t load (using a variety of browsers). It’s been a real problem and I’m not sure if the two are related but it seems likely. I sent feedback about this (not being able to view my blog and some other issues).


    I had a moment of hope this morning when I pulled up Bloglines and had a high number of posts in the folder where I keep my own site’s feed…and then realized there had just been a bunch of posts on the other sites from which I pull. I still have that little red exclamation point next to my WordPress feeds.

    Well, we’ll just have to hope the Feedback gets through and the problem is solved.


    By the way, when I run the feed through FeedValidator, I get this error:

    This feed is valid, but may cause problems for some users. We recommend fixing these problems.

    line 29, column 2: wfw:commentRSS should be wfw:commentRss (10 occurrences)

    I’ve submitted it to Feedback, but I wonder if that might be why it’s not showing up?



    wfw:commentRss is a source of controversy.



    I recently added the standard XML character data marker tags (<![CDATA[ & ]]>)to the title elements and this seems to have surprised several programs more than it should have. Bloglines should be able to handle this, but we’ll do our best to make it easy.


    Ryan — Thanks for that link — interesting stuff, and educational for a newbie! Much appreciated.

    And Andy, I appreciate the explanation, too — thank you!

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