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RSS Feed for a Posts Comments

  1. commradjournal

    Hi guys...

    So one of my readers got a the bright idea of starting a community reading list for our blog ( Pretty good idea. So I made a post and then linked to the post in a text box (to make the link permenantly available). Now folks can drop their book titles in the comment box. So far so good. :-) But now is there a way to get an RSS feed for those comments so I can put the comments to show in a RSS widget box? That would show the latest books (or at least comments) on the main page.

    Any ideas?

  2. Yes, but it doesn't work too well. :(

    For example this post, the RSS feed for the comments would be this. Dropping that into a RSS widget though shows the comments (at least on my blog it does) but it shows the links as "By: Bill", "by: Rachael", etc.

    I don't know of that would work for you.

    Hope this helps,

  3. commradjournal

    Well it is certainly a start :-) I will play with it and see what I get. Thanks!

  4. I am totally new to this...
    I have an RSS feed for articles.
    I have the 5 most recent comments in the sidebar.

    I would like an RSS feed for all comments on all articles. it seems me that right now a user can select a feed for each article individual, but not all at once.

    I'd also like the last 10 or more comments in the sidebar, but that's a different thread, I guess.

  5. The comment feed for your entire blog would be for your site:

    http: //

    Note: Space added after the colon to get everything to show up. You need to remove the space when you use it.

    Your theme doesn't show a link for it for some reason. Some do and some don't.

    I would then use a RSS widget and give it the URL aboive for the feed. Unfortunely, it appears that the upper limit for any RSS widegt is currently 10.

    Hope this helps,

  6. I am comparatively new to this. I would like to publicise my wordpress blog through However to see the stats on, I am asked to verify the feed by adding a small piece of comment code to the HTML of the wordpress feed. Is this possible and how do I do it please?


  7. And a "small piece of comment code" would be?.... :)

  8. The code squeet want added is <!-- 8Z2A7M2Hwz6S24h -->.

  9. Have you tried putting it in a post to see if it would show up in your RSS feed? Should be fine though.

    Could someone test this for me please? It seems that the feed over on my test site is broken and the feed off of my webcomic here is somewhere in September. Works fine on my offsite blog though.

  10. That's a little bizarre, I get your feed into Opera no problem...

    I will give it a go. Can't guarantee it'll work though...

  11. Test post made:

    My RSS Feed

    I can't see it in the RSS feed...

  12. I see it on your feed, cornell.

  13. I am afraid that I cnnot get it to work. Is there no way of editing the HTML code of one's own blog?

  14. You can't copy and paste it into a post? That all you have to do.

  15. I have tried copying it into a post. All the characters appear in the post but says it doesn't see it and so cannot confirm the blog is mine. Could I perhaps put tags before and after the comment, and if so what tags?

  16. I just added my test blog to them without any problem. I would suggest creating a seperate post like I did.

    Here's my feed. I see the code fine.

    Squeet took it fine first try.

    I will be online most of Sunday from 2 until 7ish Eastern US time. If you can't get it to work by them, add me to your blog ('drmike') as an editor, change your Squeet password to something else for the time being, and drop me a note at theapparatus ( at ) gmail ( dot ) com and I can set it up for you.

    Hope this helps,

  17. drmike

    Thanks very much....that has worked and you have been so very helpful. Thank you.

  18. Not a problem. Glad to help. I'll see if I can do a FAQ on it sometime soon. Please take a second though and remove me from your blog though so I don't get confused. :)

    Deleted a couple of spam posts here as well.

  19. 5purposedriven

    I have seen on other's wordpress blogs a widget or code open where a commentor can click and get all comments added IN RESPONSE TO THEIR COMMENT by email. Is this a possibility for a .com feature? (or there and one I'm missing?) Be so much easier than responding to them by email and posting a comment for the public to read. Very nice feature.


  20. Suggest it via Feedback on your dashboard.

    There are services on line you can sign up that will monitor your comments. coComments is one of them if you would like to try it.

    If I follow up a comment left by someone on my blog, I just always email them a copy anyway. It's common curtisy in my opinion.

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