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RSS Feed for Protected Blog

  1. Hi. I have a protected blog that is for invited users only. I added a live bookmark RSS feed to firefox. It works for a bit, then gets a "live bookmark failed to load error". I've deleted and reloaded several times. Any way around this or is it because the blog is protected? Thanks!

    P.S. I saw this question when searching in the forums but it was never resolved

  2. Protected blogs bring about that the feeds are protected as well. I'm sorry, you're outta luck here.

  3. you will have to log in to your wordpress account then reloaded the RSS reader.
    this unfortunately makes using RSS with a protected blog.. kind of pointless.

  4. If your feed worked there would be absolutely nothing to prevent someone from sticking it in Facebook or Twitter or what-have-you, so that is why it doesn't work.

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