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    We have several newsletters based upon category as well as another for everything we publish…<category>/feed/

    All the newsletters (MailChimp) are programmed for full content — however, some of the categories are coming out only partial, while the others are coming out full…

    Testing the RSS feeds in the RSS feed viewer shows it is being delivered to our newsletters as partial in the cases where the newsletter is displaying partial…

    Is there a way we can ‘force’ the RSS feed to deliver full? The Reader settings is set at Full; Some of our newsletters are delivering full, just at a complete loss as to why the others are not…

    The blog I need help with is



    Hi thehrisworld!

    Hmm. Let me go ahead and tag staff for you but in the meantime, take a look at this document on the RSS widget and specifically the “troubleshooting” section.



    Hello @thehrisworld and @gregariousbadger, I hope it’s okay for me to jump in.

    @thehrisworld please check in your Dashboard –> Settings –> Reading, if your feed is set to show full text.

    If you’re working on, you can click on this link to go to that page:

    Then check this section –

    For each article in a feed, show must be set to Full text

    You can also find more information from this link.

    Let me know how it goes.




    No problem at all @rosepajaroja!

    Thank you!



    Thanks for responding @rosepajaroja and @gregariousbadger

    Everything was checked before I contacted you and I just verified again, we are set for Full on the settings (I’d send a snapshot but not seeing an upload option here) with 10 items max.

    The RSS coding in Mailchimp was verified as well and is set at *|RSSITEM:CONTENT_FULL|* in ALL our newsletters.

    Just to make sure, we copied the entire RSS coding from a newsletter that is providing full text to those that are not — unfortunately, no change.

    Our next step was to copy the RSS link in the categories that are not providing full content to see what would appear in a browser — as expected, only partial content where the newsletters are providing on partial content, full where the newsletters are providing full.

    This is not a mission-critical issue but is very puzzling — our subscribers do prefer full content downloads as some of our content can be lengthy. We have advised them of the problem and so far no drop in stats (as I knock on weed and cross my fingers)

    The format for the RSS…<category-slug>/feed/

    Some are grouped, such as…<category-slug>/<category-slug>/feed/

    as well as<category-slug>/<category-slug>/<category-slug>/feed/

    We thought that grouping them (subfolders) might be causing the problem, however, some are and some are not publishing the full content as expected per the output of the newsletters…

    The URL, when adding /feed/, show the same, meaning it is being generated that way and not being messaged after the RSS feed is created.

    Tried pushing through Feedburner just for kicks, still excerpts and not full content on the same problem newsletters…

    Verified the RSS feeds and all are valid…

    Still scratching my head over all this…


    Hello Garrett,

    I am not sure if you have to contact WP support or MailChimp support for this. I am tagging a WP support to further check this for you.




    Thanks Rose — all the RSS feeds were tested using the URL then added /feed/, some are full others are excerpts. That would be WP generating the problem — weird too as usually, a problem like this is across the board not selective.



    Hi again all!

    So I don’t know if someone from staff has seen this yet but I noticed there is no tag yet for them to do as such, so I will add that for us here.

    Thanks all,


    Thanks GB… !

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