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rss feed glitch

  1. Hi,

    Am hoping somebody has a fix for this!

    I've linked the rss feed for onto the front page of This works fine and i'm happy with that bit.

    However, if somebody clicks on 'continue reading' it opens the blog in the small section i've got for the rss feed.

    What i want it to do is for the user to open the blog in a new browser, as it does if you click on the blog title in the rss feed.

    If this is not possible, then is it possible to simply get users to be taken to where the blog sits on one of the website pages?

    I'd appreciate any help - am happy to change to another theme if this is specific to Chateau; i like it but not that much!



    The blog I need help with is

  2. The continue reading link in the RSS feed in your main website opens in a new tab on my browsers (Firefox and Safari). Did you get this straightened out?

  3. i put a hotspot over the rss feed to do that at the moment as a temporary fix

    no i haven't managed to sort this yet; the same still happens - at least a new tab is opened now, but you can only scroll through the news feed with the buttons on the news feed. i know it works now, kind of, but i don't like workarounds as i'd rather fix the problem and get a new browser to open or simply delete the 'continue reading' line as clicking on story title does open the new browser correctly; bit frustrating!

    any thoughts?



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