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RSS Feed Hacked?

  1. I have an RSS feed button on my blog, and recently some people have reported receiving spam like links from it; "Loose Weight the Cardio Way?", "Home Business Opportunities?" That kind of thing. What can I do to prevent this happening?

  2. I think we'd need to see what they're talking about. Can you find those links on your feed?

    Is it possible these are just the Possibly Related Links turning up spam blogs at That's quite possible, as it's an automated system. If you find a spam blog, just report it. And if it does turn out that it's the Possibly Related Links feature, you will have to decide whether you prefer to leave it on and take the chance on spammy blogs turning up in the links or whether you prefer to opt out of the linkage system.

  3. No I can't find them on mine, and I have the 'Possibly Related Links' feature turned off. I do get quite a lot of spam, is it possible that their links are getting into the RSS feed?

  4. Yes, if you have comments unmoderated and a spam comment shows up on your site rather than getting caught by Akismet, it'll show up in the comments feed.

  5. Thanks. I've only ever had one get through. Do they show up in the feed if they're pending? That could be it.

  6. They shouldn't. They shouldn't exist at all as far as the feed is concerned.

    I'm wondering if WP has changed something so the Adsense they sometimes run on our blogs is now showing up in our feed as well. That would be ugly. That would be VERY ugly.

    Try logging out and clearing your cookies and cache, then going to your blog and subscribing to your feed. Check it in a day or so and see if you can see Adsense on it. One way or another, please report back. I'm sure a lot of people are interested in hearing the answer on this one.

  7. Will do. Thanks for your help.

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