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    Last night my blog ( had its RSS feed hacked by “” (also a blog, which I’ve reported as spam).

    Note that they hacked the main RSS feed for posts — they did not create real posts or comments, they hacked the actual feed to insert spam entries that my subscribers received in their RSS readers. It’s easy to see: Go to, and search for prn — all 15 hits are the entries they inserted last night to spam my readers.

    Q1: How do I fix the problem to get rid of these spam entries from the feed?

    Q2: How do I (or WP) prevent this from happening again (for any RSS feed, not just the main one — I want to protect the comments RSS feed too of course)?


    The blog I need help with is



    I’m sorry but we Volunteers answering support questions here on the peer support forum cannot assist you. This is an issue for Staff. Please report it to them



    OK thanks.



    But if you can provide any thoughts on how this could happen, or whether it has happened before, I would appreciate that.



    We were already contacted directly. I’m pretty sure this was ad injection by the feed reader, but as the feed was clean when we investigated, we’ll need to see the problem in place to track it down.

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