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RSS feed in sidebar--won't work

  1. I am trying to add my RSS feed to the sidebar of my blog. I followed the instructions on the "Put your feed in your sidebar" page (, but nothing changes on the website.
    I've tried it 3 times. I don't know what I'm typing wrong!

  2. I won't ask you why would you want to add your RSS on your own blog (redundancy?), but if you go to Dashboard - Design - Widgets - click Add RSS (on left) - click Edit RSS (on right) - paste your feed URL in the first box - click Change - click Save Changes ... then I don't see why it shouldn't work.

  3. I'm sorry, I wasn't clear. I want the RSS feed icon so others can subscribe to my feed.

  4. N/p. If you're following the FAQ instructions correctly then I'm not sure why it may not be working for you. For example, here's how a code would go in your Text widget.

    <a href=”http://”><img src=””/></a>

    If you're feeling more creative then I would check out free icons at Smashing Magazine instead of just grabbing the old fashioned one from FAQ.

  5. I see the prob....I didn't know you had to type in:”

    I didn't see that stated anywhere!
    Well, I copy/pasted what you wrote into the Text widget--still nothing! I don't get it!

  6. Where is the text widget? I just looked at your blog and I don't see one.

  7. I deleted the RSS info since it wouldn't work. I want to put it under where I have "Email me here"--that's the text widget I'm using.

  8. If you don't leave it up for us to look at, it's really hard to see what you are doing wrong.

  9. Do you mean on my Blog? There was nothing to leave up, it didn't work. It didn't show anything on the page--no change at all--so I deleted the text I entered for the RSS. I had copy/pasted exactly what arifsali wrote, and still nothing.
    I'm sorry for being a pest. Ya'll are the best at giving help!

  10. Yes, I mean on your blog. That code should word just fine.

  11. Here's what I did.......
    I opened the text widget
    I put in the text
    I clicked on Change
    Then I clicked on Save Changes

    Are those the correct steps?
    I did notice that when I copy/paste the text, it doesn't stay all on one line, no matter what I do. Could that be what's going wrong?

  12. The steps should be:
    add a text widget
    click on save changes at the bottom
    click on Edit on the text widget
    paste in your text
    click on change
    then click on save changes

  13. Ok. I just did that step by step and have left it alone so you can see.
    There is no change on my site at all.

  14. Here is all that I see in your text widget

    <a href="//”"></a>

    Two problems. First, you left out the http when you typed in the url. And second, there is NO link to an image so there is nothing to display.

    There is an error in what was posted above. Try this

    <a href=””><img src=””/></a>
  15. Wait. I just noticed ANOTHER error. Try this instead

    <a href="http://"><img src=""/></a>

    The error this time was the use of the wrong quote marks, which I didn't see when I pasted that originally (copied from above). The earlier error was the duplicate http

  16. I c/p it again, checked the site--nothing. But, when I go back to the text widget, this is all that's typed in there......


    I don't understand why it's not saving the entire thing.

  17. Oh, the whole paste didn't show here.
    Anyway, you'll also notice the double http is there again.

  18. OK, in the first text widget (the one with the email link in it) I see this

    <a href="//”"></a>

    In the next text widget I see this:

    <a href="http://"><img></a>

    I'm going to type this out myself, using the information from this FAQ

    <a href=""><img src="" /></a>

    Try that.

  19. This time I tried the first url you typed but changed the quotes to regular ones.
    Still nothing.
    Very frustrating. But, I'll keep trying whatever you tell me to until we get it right.

  20. No. Try the very last item I have there. Everything I looked at before had an error in it. In the very last one, I typed it EXACTLY as it was shown in the FAQ.

  21. We posted at the same time........
    I c/p the url you just change.
    After checking the site, I go back and open the text widget (the 3rd one)
    it only has this.......
    For some reason, it's not saving the changes--???

    I'll have to work on this again tomorrow, I have to get some sleep.
    Thank you Vivian. You're a doll.

  22. I don't see anything in your sidebar now. You may have to have support help you on this as I've given you everything that I know of to get it in there.

  23. I just sent a request for help to Support.
    Again, thank you Vivian!

  24. "Not saving changes" sounds like an incompatible browser such as IE6. I thought this might have been the more obvious answer if OP is repeatedly unable to save changes to widgets.


    check this query on rss and copy/paste the link after changing the name "glutenfreebabe" to yours, Barbara.
    Good luck! Jonie

  26. Thank you Jonie!! That worked!

    shimworld--thank you. I thought of that also, but it turned out that wasn't the problem.

    Problem solved! Thank you everyone!

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